Thursday, March 12, 2009

young or's always snack time around here

by teresa

My sister left my niece Kaden alone watching tv while she blew her hair dry. When she walked back into the room Kaden had gone into the snack cabinet and taken six packs of cheese and crackers. You know the ones with the red sticks that you can use to spread the cheese on yourself? She ate them all. In five minutes. gross.

I was putting some luggage away in the attic in Lauren's room. Sitting inside the space is an empty beef-a-roni can and a spoon. gross.


Nanny Jackie said...

HAHAHAHA! I used to find stuff like that in Chris' closet :) I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ... or something like that.

Mom said...

Kaden is really sneaky. I think she has things planned just waiting for you to turn your back for a second.

Christin Cherie said...

Eww...that's a lot of fake cheese. I think they harvest that stuff from monkey butts.

ptown hokie said...

Hope Lauren doesn't read your blog... she won't thank you for telling on her! Sneaking stuff from the kitchen is one thing I'm not looking forward to from my kids. I can remember my sister and me getting up before my parents and eating sugar from the sugar bowl (that was on the top of the refrigerator!) with a spoon.