Tuesday, March 24, 2009

where is my parka?

by teresa

What is up with this weather?
Ben had to be up at school early this morning for a field trip.
With every fourth grader's parent dropping them off at the same time, they recommended we park near school and walk them over. So I did. The only problem was that I didn't wear a coat. The days have been in the high 50's and above....so it was a complete shock to my body when the 30 degree (before windchill) temp hit my body. brrrr.
I need spring to ....spring.

Today's to do list reads:
Make eggs
Make bon bons
Make beds
Make dinner and
Make ....


Nanny Jackie said...

You needed more than your parka this morning. Brrrrr! It's deceiving too ... it looks warm from inside.

Katy said...


I finished your last to do. hehe

Mom said...

Does anyone have a bar of soap for Katy's mouth?