Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hormones...I blame it on the hormones!

by teresa

When did my son turn into a slob?
When he was little he went around closing all the doors and cabinets, straightening the rooms and picking up any toy that happen to be out of the toy box.
He even has a fascination with vacuums (much to his fathers dismay). Wherever we went, he would want to see their vacuum.
An ocd toddler...a chip off the old block.
I had high hopes for this kid.
Even as he grew older his need for order and cleanliness made a mama proud.
Then IT happened.
It came and took my little neat freak and turned him into a ......teenager.
Gone the days of closed drawers and hospital corner bed sheets.
When he leaves a room now it looks as if one of our east coast hurricanes has blown through, leaving a wake of debris and devastation.
And vacuums....it's like kryptonite to Superman!

I should be used to this already. Our daughter is such a slob, she would put the president of Slobville to shame with her slovenliness.

I have one child left to try and transform into a little stepford son.
Ben...your my last chance!


Nanny Jackie said...

lol! I've had the same thoughts about your middle child :)

Nanny said...

I remember when Nick was neat. It seems so long ago. At least he's still sweet!