Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ben speaks

by ben

Last night was an exciting night. I was screaming and yelling at Joe's (my best friend) game. In double overtime they won. Today my throat and my ears hurt. If your wondering why my ear hurts, it's because my mom and Joe's mom were screaming as loud as they could right next to me. Are you wondering why I am putting something on the blog? My mom made me! She said I couldn't go outside to play until I wrote a paragraph. So I asked her, do you think all the other kids have to write something on their family blog? This is crazy.


Anonymous said...

You tell em Ben!

Christin Cherie said...

I think Ben should have a weekly spot on the Green Family Circus. In fact, I think Nick and Lauren should put in their two cents once in a while as well. It's good healthy family cyberbonding ;o)

Nanny Jackie said...

Ben ... I think you have inherited the Green writing talent. You're a good friend to go to your friends' game and cheer!
I agree with Christin.

Nanny said...

Great job, Ben. I wish I would have seen Joe's game. It sounds exciting. I agree with Jackie and Christin. I'd like to see the whole family get involved. I'd especially like to hear more about what's going on in Lauren's life.

Watkins said...

Maybe I can talk Jamie into writing something on our blog . . . probably not.