Wednesday, March 25, 2009


by teresa

The fourth grade classes at Ben's school went to Jamestown this week.
Ben had never been before and was very excited.
The museums, old settlements, war reenactments, authentic clothing, muskets. Ben's mind was bursting with these images as the field trip day neared.
I dropped him off early in the morning to meet the buses and he arrived back home late in the after noon.
Later that night, as we lay in bed replaying our days to each other I asked,"so, what was your favorite part of the day?"
"Ummmmm, the BUS."
"But what about the war stuff...and the cannons?", I asked.
"That was ok." "The bus had a BATHROOM!!"
"Did they dress in old clothes and have houses made of mud and sticks?", I asked.
"Yep, they looked kinda weird." "It was alot of walking." "The bus had RECLINERS and a MOVIE!!"
Well, I see that was money well spent.
I hope they don't have a test on any information learned outside of the bus.


Mom said...

Ben is so funny. I knew he liked cars, but now it's buses too!

Christin Cherie said...

There's nothing like "going" while you're going!

Watkins said...

We went to San Antonio to the Alamo and Jamie's favorite part was the bus and movie too. haha