Wednesday, March 18, 2009

did you wear your green?

by teresa

As a mom I made the ultimate mistake yesterday.
I sent my child to school....without any green on.
I totally forgot about St. Patrick's Day.
Chris reminded me of the holiday later and I realized what I had done.
Visions of pinching and teasing flashing in my head.
The guilt consumed me.
So I did what any good momma would do.
I went to his school, found him in the library, pulled him behind the biography section...and put a green shirt on him I had smuggled in from home.
Crisis averted.


Katy said...

Why are you always trying to "out do" all the mommy's in the world? Cut it out!

With the way my kids (Kristian) has been acting lately...I would have sent her to school with absolutely NO green on, that way she would get pinched ALOT!

Nanny Jackie said...

HAHAHAHA! Good one Katy.
I know ... I often wonder if Chris thinks "so this is what a Mom is supposed to look like!"

Mom said...

O'Teresa, you're so funny. He would have been safe - his NAME is GREEN!

Anonymous said...

TOO funny!! Yes we wore our green. It's a national Holiday in this Irish Family. Presents and all. The boys were decked. Bridget was suttle. Me, a big green Sweater!! You are a great Mom, but I totally see where Katie is coming from!

kristi said... are awesome!