Friday, March 27, 2009

week one down

by teresa

Easter eggs is still going strong (week one of three down).
We've made over 3,000 little sugar balls.
Can you say hand cramp? Back ache? Delirium?

Yesterday was our marathon day. Working more than fourteen hours straight to get caught up in orders. Phew. I slept gooood last night!

I am actually not tired (a miracle) and excited to get back in the trenches today. I will definitely take the weekend off.

*funniest thing that happened yesterday*
We were ready to pack it up and get home last night. Exhausted and on our tenth diet coke each, we were laughing at the drop of a hat and speaking incoherently. Mary, my partner in crime could not find her keys. We looked high and low to no avail. Retracing her steps didn't work and we were all sooo ready to get out of there. After twenty minutes of this we hear her scream out from around the corner. She had found them. But where?

In her bra.
The dang keys were tucked in her bra (her pants had no pockets) the entire time.
So funny!


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Yes, I would say you were both a bit delirious! LOL

Nanny Jackie said...

LOL! Another egg factory memory for the books. All that hard work and inhaling all that sugar for so many hours does something to you. AND ... that is so Mary :)

Mom said...

You'd think that would hurt, but I guess with an aching back and feet, Mary could hardly notice the keys jabbing her.

Christin Cherie said...

Mary couldn't find her keys one night at evening MOPS....maybe that's where they were...LOL

Watkins said...

Could you mail me one or three if I sent you money for shipping? I wonder if you can freeze them so they don't melt. I haven't found anyone to do it here yet. I miss you (and the eggs) so much! Love reading your blog.

Sterling Dawn said...

that is so mary. i'm scared to think of the things you hide in the eggs. i hope i don't get a tube of chapstick in mine.