Saturday, March 14, 2009

My favorite teachers

by ben

After my inspiring comments on my last post I've decited to write another one. Well today my favorite teacher Mr.Willams subsatutide us and he is my favorite teacher beacause i'm his favorite and he treats me like it too. For example today in class Mr. Willams was passing out airheads [my favorite candy] to the class and my friend Chris said he did'nt want his. Out of all the kids he could have given his to, he imeditley turned to me and gave it to me. When all the kids were whinning and saying it was'nt fair he put another one on my desk. So while all the outher kids got one I got three. whitch also reminds me of another teacher that likes me. My P.E. teacher Mrs. Nettles. A couple of days ago we were just sitting in P.E. doing roll call when out of nowere Mrs. Nettles says to me... you have the cuteist face. Then she took me to her office to show all the other teachers. While all the teachers were ohhing and ahing over me I was thinking, why am I here. ever since that day shes called me cute face.


Christin Cherie said...

(pinches that "cute" face)

Nanny said...

I've never heard of having to go to the principal's office because you were too cute! That's really funny, Ben.

Kai said...

I remember when you told me about this, Ben. I'll bet you were embarrassed when your PE teacher called you cutie. Mr. Williams must really like you alot if he gave you three pieces of candy. I'm cute, but my teachers don't do that.