Thursday, February 19, 2009

don't pick up that phone!

by teresa

When I was at Ben's school yesterday his teacher pulled me aside.
She said Ben's phone went off in class.
He got that thing from Katy for Christmas is 2007.
He loved it at first (he would call me, Chris and Kristian) but when the novelty wore off he let it expire.
We found it last week, charged it, reactivated it and now he is excited to have it again.
He talked me into letting him take it to school (zipped in his book bag) so he could call me when him and Kristian were walking home.
Well it rang in class.
Tracphone sent him some user text message.
His teacher said he looked teary as he walked to her desk.
She talked to him about the schools no phone rules.
She said,"as long as I don't know you have it...we will have no problems."
Then she lectured the class about not bringing phones to school...and how the ringing disrupts the class and they take your attention away from your work.
She said a few minutes later they heard ring ring ring.
Everyone looked at Ben...but he had practically dismantled the thing for fear it would somehow make noise again.
Then she was her phone ringing.
She laughed and said they all teased her...repeating back her words...NO PHONES IN SCHOOL!
"It has never rang during school...ever", she said. "I was so embarrassed!"
She will never live that down.

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Christin Cherie said...

I bet that was a bit humbling ;o) At least it brought a bit of humor to the situation. I love how your house is NEVER without a good story to tell. You don't even wanna know what goes on around here...lots of PJ's, grunginess, and half deadness.