Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's fun to stay at the Y M C A

by teresa

Nick has been going to the Y five days a week for three weeks now.
We are so slack when it comes to going as a family (we are never all free at the same time during the week) so he asked me a few weeks ago to drop him off. He did so well on his own, he has asked to be dropped off everyday after school. He plays basketball mostly, but also lifts weights and runs on the treadmill. What I love is that he does his homework in the teen hangout room. Lauren offered to drop him off at a different Y on her way to ODU last week. He said, "NO....I need to go to MY Y...all my people are there." ooookay. His people huh? Chris and I have joked to each other that he is probably bugging the reception area folks to let him swipe the id cards as members enter. Or offering to mop the floors or run the senior pool exercise class.
Have mercy...I don't even want to know.


Mom said...

He's going to be as well known at the Greenbrier Y as Grandaddy is at the Downtown Y. It's good that Nick is working out everyday. Is there a girl involved???

Katy said...

That would be sooo funny if he was pretending to be going to the Y to work out, but is actually there on a "Y-date" with a girl. hehe. Yeah but, knowing Nick, he is probably just there hanging out with the old people. Maybe you should pretend to be dropping him off and then follow him in when he is not looking...just to see what he is actually up to.