Tuesday, February 10, 2009

stick 'em up!

by teresa

The most ridiculous thing happened yesterday.
Kai's principal called home and told Katy to come pick him up.
Apparently he had done something very bad and had to be removed from class.
Be disrespectful....no.
Moon the teacher...no.
He and two other boys were running around on the playground making "finger guns" at each other. Playing cops and robbers.
"This is threatening and they had to be made an example of", the principal said.
Katy asked if he had been told to stop? Nope. No one told them to stop, they just snatched them from playtime and sent them to the office.
Poor Kai was so confused and holding back the tears as he and Katy left the school.
He definitely learned his lesson (whatever that was) and will not make "finger guns" at school again.
If they told the teacher they were playing Army would they have still gotten in trouble?
Or if they were playing deer hunter would the punishment have been the same?
I am so confused at the schools handing of this innocent show of imagination.
So...no air guns allowed.
What about air grenades?
Or air arrows?
Or heaven forbid...the air guitar?

What is your take on this?


The Yanceys said...

I believe it is a tad bit of over reaction. I am in BIG trouble then as my youngest, Joshua, is constantly using "finger guns."

Nanny said...

How much is the reward? I just might turn him in.

Nanny Jackie said...

Will this go on his permanant record? That would be sad if he has to explain this one on his ODU college application.

Christin Cherie said...

If they are going to be that strict about an innocent and COMMON behavior of young children, they need to give these kids the rules up front and not after they are being sent home from school. I think poor Kai deserves an apology from the teacher or whoever allowed this to happen. At most he should have been told to stop. Poor Kai. I really feel for him. I mean the finger gun is such an iconic childhood past time. Next thing you know they're going to take tater tots out of school lunches!! The horror!

keith said...

i guess no more call of duty at my house:( that is just crazy!

Hampton Roads Hurricanes Basketball said...

Kai is the exact age Matthew was last year when I was sitting at the bus stop, and his bus came and went. I WAS WORRRRRIED! I called the school to find out what happened. Put on hold, panic was rising quickly...The Assistant Principal got on the phone to tell me that Matthew and another boy had been sword fighting with pencils on the bus and IMMEDIATELY evicted from the bus (it was parked on school ground) He was never asked to stop..."put it away, that could be dangerous." No, they went to ZERO tolerance and sent them both to the principals office with not even a call home... CRAZY. I then proceeded to write letters to the City, and the Principal etc. I was upset that they could no longer take the time to explain how that of Pencil fighting on a bus could be dangerous, instead they were instantly made to be little CONVICTS. And we wonder why kids head in the wrong direction...there is no place for "BOYS to BE BOYS". Kai, I hope he now understands the danger of "Finger Guns", of course its a leap to Columbine, but boy are we on a slippery slope when kids cannot play. Sorry Katy. It happens to all boys (healthy ones who want to be boys) eventually.