Thursday, February 05, 2009

what happens when you have no food, no sleep, no shower and a fever for 54 hours

by teresa

Your kids worry about you so much...they get along. I may get sick more often.

You talk to the dog....and he talks back.

You put Drano in the spotbot to clean up the dogs accident on the rug.

You spray hairspray on you sons hair instead of water to comb out his morning bed head. He now has bed head for the next twelve hours.

Your house is messy...and you don't care.

Your fridge is empty...and you don't care. If I can't eat...nobody eats! They can always go next door to nanny's.

You drift off and are 20 minutes late picking your son up at after school in the 20 degree weather....poor Nicky was frozen.

You just look at a book and it makes your eyeballs hurt.

You're on the floor in the bathroom so long and so often you memorize the wallpaper pattern behind the toilet.

Your daughter says she is going out to eat with friends and you hand her your check card...without her even asking...if she will promise to bring you back a 7-11 coffee. (which after two sips comes rushing back out to greet the world)


Mom said...

My poor baby. I hope you're starting to feel better today.

Christin Cherie said...

You poor thing! I hope you feel better and get your appetite and energy back soon. At least you know your family can survive for a few days without you....hey! Maybe you should play sick more often ;o)

Sterling Dawn said...

ew. please feel better. i need happy teresa posts again.