Friday, February 27, 2009

Actual questions and comments heard in the Green house this week

by teresa

I was born to be smart.

You can't add alcohol to crazy.

Was it the coach with no teeth or the one that was married?

I think he snuck the girl scout cookies to work so he didn't have to share.

Just give me a Whopper and I'll turn myself in!

Who put the pencil sharpener in the fruit bowl?

You gotta have meat!

What was that sound? It was the cabbage talking to you.

Sitting in your underwear watching sports center is not what I asked you to do!

If he throws a pinecone at your head again, tell me.

How did we eat 1,952 pieces of candy in a week?

That boy is strange.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

by teresa

What a pretty day out today.
Sunny (64 degrees) and breezy.
An open all your windows kinda afternoon.
I took a few minutes and left my laundry dungeon to go outside and watch Maya and Kaden play in the backyard.
They chased the dogs, rode trikes and picked dandelions.
Lauren (the hermit) even ventured outside with us before heading to school.
If Nick didn't have basketball practice tonight, I would have him grill us up some dinner.
I am really looking forward to spring.

I want this t-shirt

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's fun to stay at the Y M C A

by teresa

Nick has been going to the Y five days a week for three weeks now.
We are so slack when it comes to going as a family (we are never all free at the same time during the week) so he asked me a few weeks ago to drop him off. He did so well on his own, he has asked to be dropped off everyday after school. He plays basketball mostly, but also lifts weights and runs on the treadmill. What I love is that he does his homework in the teen hangout room. Lauren offered to drop him off at a different Y on her way to ODU last week. He said, "NO....I need to go to MY Y...all my people are there." ooookay. His people huh? Chris and I have joked to each other that he is probably bugging the reception area folks to let him swipe the id cards as members enter. Or offering to mop the floors or run the senior pool exercise class.
Have mercy...I don't even want to know.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


by teresa

Our niece Maya is 18 months old now and so sweet (unlike her siblings..hee hee). She's pretty quiet, but says T-sa (Teresa), Kiss (Chris), Bee (Ben),Ick (Nick), In (Lauren) when prompted.

Monday, February 23, 2009

but I don't wanna go to bed!

by teresa

It was a very busy weekend.
Ben's team had their last two games of the indoor soccer season.
They won both, bringing them to the end of an undefeated season and making them the TISL champions.
Go Monarchs!

Nick had his next to last basketball game, which they won.
They have an undefeated season also.
Go Cavaliers!

Last night I was so beat. I put my pajamas on and looked for a quiet corner to read (which relaxes me like nothing else).
There was no quiet corner downstairs, so I snuck up to the boys room and layed in Nick's bed to read. The boys have the coolest headboard lights, making reading in bed so nice. Ben was already tucked in and sleeping, he didn't even notice me in there. Around 9:30pm Nick came up to kick me out. I was at such a good part and I was so comfy under his new flannel comforter. I begged him for a few more minutes. "Please Nick...just give me a few more minutes." "Don't ya want to stay up late?" "What kind of a teenager are you?" He took pity on me and said he would go downstairs to watch the end of the game...but then he was coming up and I would have to get in my own bed. I snuggled in further and read fervently for the next thirty minutes. He came up at 10:00pm and gently tapped me on the foot. "mom, your going to have to go in your bed can finish your book tomorrow." I reluctantly climbed out of his bed and made my way to my own. To my dark bedroom that doesn't have a cool headboard light. Sometimes it's no fun to be the parent.

By the way....Nick will make a great Dad someday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things heard at bookclub last night

by teresa

*Look's magic!
*I would put on that Obama shirt and lay right in the middle of the bed
*Even after the tests came back positive the courts sent her back to her father
*All our systems are broken
*What good is getting under your desk going to do when a bomb hits your school?
*During the blackout he called my dad to see if the rapture came, when he answered the phone he knew he hadn't been left behind
*That poor boy is traumatized for life
*I had to disinfect the entire room!
*All the girls in her weight lifting class took pictures of it on their cellphones
*Just wait till they see it uncovered
*Maybe it was a cup?
*He grabbed them and gave them a twist
*I have never seen her so violent
*It's exhausting trying to keep the bad in the world from touching your child's' life
*I bet you were glad it was boobs
*My name is NOT Lin"duh"
*I thought it was a tree house?
*Hearing about your kids each month makes me feel better about mine
*I feel like I've been to Golden Corral
*I stopped snooping once she turned 18
*Do they think we're idiots?
*She'd take me back...but then Scott would have to come with me
*My mother has cancer.
*I had to forgive him for my life to go where it was supposed to go
*He went from a kid to a hero
*She wasn't afraid of being alone on the dark her it was much safer than being at home
*I call him puddin'
*Tonight was like "old home" days
*George Washington was white white
*You gotta use the giant log of Velveeta
*They cut all my perm out!
*By His grace we are set free
*Where two or more are gathered together in My name, there I am.
*Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

mistake: buying 10 yr old boys YooHoo and Orange Cream Soda and then trying to put them to bed

by teresa

After Ben's birthday dinner tonight (Chinese...of course) his friends came over for a sleepover. Nick was wise and spent the night at his grandparents. Chris was also wise and snuck upstairs "to change"....and I didn't see him again for two hours. He was holed up in our room watching basketball on our tiny boudoir television set. What a smart guy. These boys (four 10yr olds) are loud, hungry crazies. One child drank four YooHoo's (he snuck 'em) and is now literally bouncing off the walls. They got out piles off books, the litebrite, walkie talkies, recorders, stuffed animals and Nerf guns. They played war, tag, wii , scooters, horse and made forts with all the couch cushions and Ben's bedding. *sigh* I am trying to get them to bed (we made pallets on the living room floor) so they will be rested for tomorrows games.
Do I sound like I'm complaining? Cause I'm not (I'm just a little tired). Ben is thrilled and having a ball....and these boys are super, special, respectful, diehard friends who enjoy being with each other more than anything in the world. Happy Birthday Ben. Now go to sleep!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

don't pick up that phone!

by teresa

When I was at Ben's school yesterday his teacher pulled me aside.
She said Ben's phone went off in class.
He got that thing from Katy for Christmas is 2007.
He loved it at first (he would call me, Chris and Kristian) but when the novelty wore off he let it expire.
We found it last week, charged it, reactivated it and now he is excited to have it again.
He talked me into letting him take it to school (zipped in his book bag) so he could call me when him and Kristian were walking home.
Well it rang in class.
Tracphone sent him some user text message.
His teacher said he looked teary as he walked to her desk.
She talked to him about the schools no phone rules.
She said,"as long as I don't know you have it...we will have no problems."
Then she lectured the class about not bringing phones to school...and how the ringing disrupts the class and they take your attention away from your work.
She said a few minutes later they heard ring ring ring.
Everyone looked at Ben...but he had practically dismantled the thing for fear it would somehow make noise again.
Then she was her phone ringing.
She laughed and said they all teased her...repeating back her words...NO PHONES IN SCHOOL!
"It has never rang during school...ever", she said. "I was so embarrassed!"
She will never live that down.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

by teresa

I picked this song today (Cover The Earth) because it is one of Ben's favorites.
As a matter of fact, Chris and I listened in on him belting it out in the shower last week.
Today is his 10th birthday and I can NOT believe it.
The baby of the family.
The last.
That's just a tad sad for me.
What can I say about Ben?
He is confident, friendly, blessed(the kid just has the touch), beautiful and loving (to everyone but Nick...but I know one day that will change).
Today I am surprising him at school with lunch and cupcakes for his class.
Because his birthday falls in the middle of a school week, we are having his party Friday night, with all the family and some soccer buddies.
If you know Ben, leave a comment with a memory you have of him.
It can be funny, touching or both!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The park in February

by teresa

This morning I took Ben and his friend to the park for a couple of hours. It was about 35 degrees and breezy outside...but we braved the trip anyway. When we pulled up the usually crowded parking lot was empty. Like, ghost town empty. All the other parents in Chesapeake were smart enough to stay indoors where it was warm. The boys were excited to have all of Fun Forest to themselves. We have been home for an hour and my butt still hasn't thawed. Did I mention it had snowed in the early morning and all the benches were iced over?
The things we do for our kids!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

by teresa

Yesterday Ben came home with a giant jar of candy.
At first I thought some little girl had taken a shine to him and given him this gift for Valentine's Day. But then he told me he won it. The librarian had a contest this week to guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar and you get it as a prize. Ben guessed 1,952. They announced the winner yesterday and there were 1,952 pieces of candy.
Anybody need lottery numbers picked?
(just kidding)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Wishes

By Chris

It's a cheap trick to plop down a Valentine Day message on the blog the day before, but I'm doing it. We don't make a big deal out of such days, and I couldn't think of any real gift for my love, aside from spending a good portion of the day away from her watching basketball. I thought about getting one of those Vermont Teddy Bears that they guilt you about all week on the radio. Today, they're all like: "It can still arrive tomorrow . . . " So, I checked it out. They ain't cheap. And I am. So, no Teddy Bear. Sorry dear. You'll appreciate it when you run the budget report. So here's some thoughts for my baby. Some are stolen quotes . . .

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. Love you , weirdo.

Today is our 22nd Valentines Day and 7,710 days since our first date. By my calculation, well over 7,600of them have been GREAT!!! Which makes me agree with the thought: "Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end."

The wedding was small and witnessed by few, but the marriage of Chris and Teresa has proven to be leg-en-dary.

Love you. Happy Valentine's Day!!

this is unbelievable

I don't even know what to say about this. click here.
He looks Ben's age.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

go outside and play

by teresa

The weather has been so nice this week.
The kids have spent every hour from homework till bedtime playing with friends in our backyard. There were eight kids out there at one point. A few of which I didn't even know. I guess our house is the place to be for all the 10yr olds in the neighborhood.

When I was young we would play in the empty lot across the street (which is now where our dear neighbors Chuck and Geri's house is). Kickball, softball,football. We would have so much fun.

Where was your hangout growing up?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

let your light shine

by teresa

I'm on the way to Target to pick up socks for Ben, minding my own business, when I see her.
She is laying face first on the ground between two cars.
Is that an person...on the ground?
I U-turned back toward Bed Bath& Beyond to take another look.
Yep, white haired lady on the concrete.
I pull in a space and head to her side.
She is moaning, bruised and disoriented.
Apparently her cane got caught on something and she tumbled over it.
I picked up her purse and scattered coupons and chatted with her (to see how well her mind was). At first all I could get out of her was...waterpick...waterpick.
By this time we had attracted some attention and another lady came to help me.
The two of us got her to her feet and slowly but surely made our way to the bench in front of the store. She was in obvious pain (head/shoulder/hip) so I went in and had the manager call 911. Once she sat she told me her name was Irene (she couldn't remember her last name).
I asked if she lived in Chesapeake...yes(weakly)
Was she married...yes(weakly)
Did she go to church...YES! Great Bridge Baptist Church!
Then she asked if I went to church....and I told her yes. "That's good", she said.
I then asked her if she wanted me to pray for her. "Oh yes", she replied.
So I took her hand, closed my eyes and prayed a prayer of healing over Irene. I don't remember all I said...the words were flowing and just felt right. She was responding with hand squeezes and amens. When I opened my eyes there were a few people around (including the store manager). The other lady that was helping us had grabbed Irene's other hand and joined us. She then looked at me and said..."I'm catholic".
Irene asked me to call her church so they could let her husband know what had happened to her. "Tom can't drive, but he will be worried." So I did.
We sat on the bench together and waited for paramedics. The store manager asked if he could do anything for her while we waited. "WATERPICK....I came here for a waterpick!" The sweet man ran in and brought out every waterpick they sold(arms loaded)....she pointed out the one she had a coupon for and he set it aside for her. This made her very, very happy.
When the firetruck and ambulance pulled up I told them what I knew. Before leaving and heading off to Target for those socks the store manager, catholic lady (hee hee) and I shook hands and wished each other a blessed week.
Isn't it exciting to stumble into one of God's little detours for you life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

stick 'em up!

by teresa

The most ridiculous thing happened yesterday.
Kai's principal called home and told Katy to come pick him up.
Apparently he had done something very bad and had to be removed from class.
Moon the
He and two other boys were running around on the playground making "finger guns" at each other. Playing cops and robbers.
"This is threatening and they had to be made an example of", the principal said.
Katy asked if he had been told to stop? Nope. No one told them to stop, they just snatched them from playtime and sent them to the office.
Poor Kai was so confused and holding back the tears as he and Katy left the school.
He definitely learned his lesson (whatever that was) and will not make "finger guns" at school again.
If they told the teacher they were playing Army would they have still gotten in trouble?
Or if they were playing deer hunter would the punishment have been the same?
I am so confused at the schools handing of this innocent show of imagination. air guns allowed.
What about air grenades?
Or air arrows?
Or heaven forbid...the air guitar?

What is your take on this?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Actual questions and comments heard in the Green house this week

by teresa

Uncontrollable oily poop? Sounds great.
You're being mean to me.
That's my udder daddy Scott.
You can't prairie-dog that.
Don't touch my cake!
Did you pick out my vegetables? That was so sweet.
How come I always get in trouble for farting...but he never does?
The whale just exploded?
Forget that it exploded. What was it doing in the street?
I thought JKF was shot twice.
Quiz me. I bet I can answer anything about The Great Depression.
You know you're a redneck when you spend Saturday night at the Shell station/nightclub.
You feel real old when your daughter gets a drivers license renewal form in the mail.
Your boobs are on your lap.
My lap is on my knees.
He has frodo feet.
I watched her get my text on tv. That was so cool.
I swear I have never shaved my toes!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

shorts or parka?

by teresa

Game day again.
For all but Ben, who has a week off from indoor (he does have practice though).
The temp. is predicted to climb towards the low 60's. I can't believe it. This week we have felt the teens...and felt them hard. brrrr
Now for two days it will be in the 60's?
Lord, please keep my family well in this crazy climate.

Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

by teresa

The fever has broken.
I'm feeling alot better.
Chest congestion and sporadic coughing fits I can live with...I'm just glad to be rid of the fever and ache. What a horrible week it has been.
To make matters worse, Chris has been on this amaranthine delirium with me.
With both of us off our feet (literally) the kids have taken charge of the house.
And with Lauren as the responsible adult, there was a plethora of McDonald's, oodles of noodles and moon pies being had by all.
I wouldn't be surprised if they slipped a little something in our sherbet, just to keep from having to eat a carrot or green bean for a few more days.
So what will I do on my first day off life support (lifetime channel & sprite)?
Like I said, the kids have run amok.
I must claim my house and rededicate the name of Lysol, Swiffer and the Tidy bowl man!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

what happens when you have no food, no sleep, no shower and a fever for 54 hours

by teresa

Your kids worry about you so much...they get along. I may get sick more often.

You talk to the dog....and he talks back.

You put Drano in the spotbot to clean up the dogs accident on the rug.

You spray hairspray on you sons hair instead of water to comb out his morning bed head. He now has bed head for the next twelve hours.

Your house is messy...and you don't care.

Your fridge is empty...and you don't care. If I can't eat...nobody eats! They can always go next door to nanny's.

You drift off and are 20 minutes late picking your son up at after school in the 20 degree weather....poor Nicky was frozen.

You just look at a book and it makes your eyeballs hurt.

You're on the floor in the bathroom so long and so often you memorize the wallpaper pattern behind the toilet.

Your daughter says she is going out to eat with friends and you hand her your check card...without her even asking...if she will promise to bring you back a 7-11 coffee. (which after two sips comes rushing back out to greet the world)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

*cough* *cough*

by teresa

Fever, achy, throat issues.
It finally got me.

Monday, February 02, 2009

the boys loves his cars

by teresa

Ben just ran in the door.
He was beyond exited about something...and busting to tell.
Mom, there is a new kid in class.
"He has the coolest name EVER!"
He wouldn't tell me.
"It starts with an A mom."
"A really nice car, that you wouldn't ever know."
Well excuse me. Just because I don't have a nice car...doesn't mean I wouldn't know a nice car!
After a number of hints I finally got it.
Aston Martin.
Nothing will ever impress my son more.
"Why didn't you think of that when you had me mom?"
I wish I could flash forward 15 years and see what Ben is naming his kids.
I may have grandchildren named Corvette, Bentley and Porsche Green.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Game day

by teresa

Four great games yesterday.
Two wins...two loses.
Nick was 'da man in his game.
Loved it!
Every time he would score Katy and I would do little sideline dance singing "go Nicky, go Nicky, go Nicky".
I asked after the game if that embarrassed him.
He said, "It was great!"
Maybe next week we'll make posters.

Today we are really looking forward to the Superbowl.
Church is hosting a big bash with lots of food and friends and football fun.
After this mornings service me and the boys are making Steelers posters and cooking for tonight.