Friday, January 09, 2009

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

by teresa

Brrrrr. It is cold and I love it!
We have a jam packed weekend of activities.
Starting with movie night at Ben's school tonight (after a chilly soccer practice).
Between the cousins and my kids we have four games to watch tomorrow.
Chris is coaching Kristian's team (all girls) and I am very excited to see them in action.
Then on Sunday after church is Kai's 8th birthday party.
Pizza and bowling....the kids will have a blast.

Since I won't have time tomorrow, I am posting Kai's birthday blog today.
What can I say about my nephew Kai?
He is a living cartoon character and his life is a video game (which is not surprising since he lives for video games).
Bouncing, spinning and racing around (and always with his own crazy sound effects).
The kid is just a flat out N U T.
The other night Chris was over talking with Katy.
They heard siren noises, turkey gobble sounds and whoooot whoooot whooot coming loudly from the back of the house. It went on for like ten minutes and kept getting louder and louder. They could tell it was Kai...but what game was he playing? They yelled out, "Kai, what are you playing?" He yells back,"I'm going to the bathroom!"
That's about right. He can make even that exciting.

Happy Birthday our sweet boy (who is the spitting image of my father).


Nanny said...

Kai does liven up the place. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAI! You're so precious (I know, I know. . . and I'm so beautiful).

KAI'S MOMMY (katy) said...

My chunky, chubby baby boy has now grown into a tall, long and lean big 8 year old.

...and I love that he looks like daddy! It makes him that much more special.


Nanny Jackie said...

I believe God made Kai look like he does so ya'll could see Jimmy everyday. Happy Birthday, Kai.

Dysd Housewife said...

My son has been a toilet performer since he was potty trained. We are so used to it now, we hardly notice LOL