Monday, January 19, 2009

yes? no? maybe so?

by teresa

The anticipation of a snow day tomorrow has turned our entire family into giggly dorks.
Chris being the dorkiest of all.
The weather channel on....all day long.
I have had radar reports yelled to me every hour on the hour.
I really hope it happens....snow I mean.
The kids (ages 9-37) will be so happy.


Nanny Jackie said...

Ditto at our house. Not going to disclose the ages of the children, though.

Nanny Jackie said...

5:35am and no snow yet.

Nanny Jackie said...

7:52am and still not snow. But, school's out so I guess it really doesn't matter.

Mom said...

What is it about a forecast of snow (or hurricane) that makes me want to stock the house with junk food??? I guess I would just hate to be stranded without something sweet.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the "Grass Day" and maybe another night of breathless anticipation!! I should have been a meteorolgist...its the only job you get TV time for, get to guess and be 95% wrong 100% of the time. What a gig!

Anonymous said...

Brenda left that last comment

Anonymous said...

Tis is why I stay away from weather reports until it happens! The weather guessers always get my hopes up, then the weather brings them crashing down!