Thursday, January 22, 2009

if momma ain't happy...nobody's happy

by teresa

This is a true story.
The story of a frog named Binyah Binyah.
This was a much wanted pet, a loved frog...but not by all.
The one called "mom" did not like her children's new friend (which was bought by the aunt).
Frogs are gross, she thought. I am not touching that icky thing!
But she did as all mom's do, she grinned and beared it.
She pretended to care for the amphibian, all the while waiting (with much anticipation) for it's demise.
How long do frogs live, she wondered?
The kid's goldfish hardly made it home before kicking the bucket.
Maybe she would luck out and Binyah would expire before the kids got too attached and they could get a cute puppy.
But alas, no luck for mom.
Frogs can live anywhere from 7-20 years.
And this one was hanging in there for a long, long, long time.
Years passed and the mom's feelings never changed for the creature. She was never outright mean to the animal...but she did accidentally forget to change the water for months on end. Only to find that darn thing happily swimming around in it's filth.
When would it end?

Picture it.
Dad is home alone and wanting to boil some water. For what...I don't know. Oodles of noodle, tea, mac-n-cheese? It doesn't matter.
He's boiling water, walks out of the kitchen to do something.....and forgets.
The water begins to churn, boil, overflow and melt the pot to mom's brand new stove.
Dad finally returns to kitchen to find pot melted to stove and freaks.
He picks pot up and tosses into trash can...which then catches on fire from the hot metal touching the plastic receptacle.
Don't worry, everything turned out alright. Dad cleaned up his mess and mom got a new stove out of it.
What does this have to do with the frog you ask?
Well, Binyah's bowl happened to be placed on the counter that day.
Close enough to the days calamity to be BOILED TO DEATH by the heat.
Or some brilliant plan of the mom's to finally be rid of her warted adversary?

You decide.

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."


Greens said...

Thank you Jackie N. for telling me this hilarious story at bookclub. I told you it was going on the blog!

Mom said...

Oh, poor Binyah.

Nanny Jackie said...

Ditto to Karen's comment!

katy said...

That is sad! That mean ole' mommy for wanting the poor frog to die.