Wednesday, January 21, 2009

snow day fun!

by teresa

We had such a fun..."grass day" yesterday.
The schools called our house at 5:40am to inform us of closings in anticipation of "the big one".
We were all staring out the windows all day.
It never came. Not even rain.
Could there be anything more disappointing to a kid? Or a severe weather junkie husband?
The one good thing was that the kids got to watch the inauguration with me.
They loved it (I couldn't even change the channel to check the forecast).
Everyone looked gorgeous, speakers were inspiring, Aretha belted it like only Aretha can and the quartet brought tears to my eyes. Our new president spoke well and excited me for the road ahead. I was in awe at the number of people there (all night waiting) in the bitter cold. They were all so happy, over joyed, united in one love/heart/mind. That's exciting, isn't it? Whenever people (different in social, economic,religions) come together in harmony....wonderful things will happen.


Mom said...

I watched the inauguration on my tv at work. It was really interesting but I'd rather watch from my nice warm office than be standing out there in a crowd like that in freezing weather.

Nanny Jackie said...

I loved watching the inauguration. Wonder if Michelle was freezing in that lovely dress? Like Karen ... I would not have wanted to be in those crowds! I'd rather have been watching it with ya'll though.

Watkins said...

Jamie came home and announced "We have a new president". Oh yeah that's right. Wish we all had snow! At least you got the day off.