Wednesday, January 28, 2009

who is that lady?

by teresa

Earlier this week Katy and the kids had a visitor.
A car pulled up and dropped off a woman who walked up to the door hurriedly.
Katy went to the door (all smiles) but with confusion.
"Who is this lady", she thought.
Thinking it was just one of mom's friends from work coming over to visit, she let her in.
Just as the woman was walking in the door mom was pulling up from work.
"Who is that woman", she thought?
Thinking it was one of Katy's friends from (wherever Katy would have friends from), she smiled and went in the house to meet her.
Once inside, the three of them just looked silently at each other. The woman looked a bit worried just as mom and Katy were mouthing to each other *w h o i s t h i s p e r s o n i n o u r l i v i n g r o o m ?*
Once they realized neither of them knew her they spoke up.
"Hello...what is your name"?
My name is Jane Doe....and I'm here for the party."
This poor woman was given a ride by someone with the wrong address (one street off) to a birthday party.
She figured she had the right place since Katy led her in so happily.
They called the phone number the woman had down and found the correct address.
My mother then drove her over to the friends I guess.

“Strangers are friends you have yet to meet”


Anonymous said...

TOOOO funny!!! I love this blog... These things really do happen. Not just a Honeymooners episode! LOL.

Mom said...

It really was funny. The lady had a birthday present in her hand, too. I found out her name is also Karen. She used to live in Norfolk Highlands, then she moved on the other side of Military Highway until they started building all of those skinny little houses which brought down the value of other homes in the neighborhood. So, she and her family moved to Avalon in Virginia Beach. We're having lunch today (just kidding). But I did learn alot about her in a really short time. I should have invited her to church and to our book club.