Monday, January 12, 2009

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer

by teresa

3yr old: Mom, where's my picture I colored at church?

Mom: Ummm (stalling because she threw it away and is digging out of trashcan) I will get it for you.

3yr old: (Looking intensely at slightly crumpled drawing brought by mom) Mommy, did you throw this in the trash?

Mom: No....I will not throw it in the trash can. I love it honey.

3yr old: No mommy....did you throw it in the trashcan?

This back and forth game went on a few more minutes with said mommy trying to bemuse clever toddler (the 3yr old never cracked got confused or wavered with her interrogation) ending in my sister coming clean and begging Kaden for forgiveness.

That kid is so smart.

Chris said he would have told her, "yes...I threw it was ugly."

He's such a meanie.


Nanny Jackie said...

He would NOT!

Mom said...

Yeah, he probably would. He likes to tease the kids. Kaden was really proud of that picture. I think I'll buy a frame for it and hang it up.

Katy said...

No you will not hang that picture up in MY house. It will do fine on the fridge....the SIDE of the fridge.

Kaden is SOOO smart...I can't get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if i would call Katy a wise man though... hehe

Katy said...

Okay....Who said that?

Katy said...

If it was Scott...I'll get you on Sunday!!!! Watch your back.

Anonymous said...

It wasnt me but I wish it was!!!!


Anonymous said...

haha it was me!!!