Friday, January 16, 2009

I would look like Humpty Dumpty in long underwear

by teresa

It's midnight...and I'm still up (stupid laundry).
And I am freezing.
It's not surprising since my Google weather page is telling me it's 23 degrees right now.
I have my thermostat on 60.
Do you think I should turn the heat to at least 65 before I go up to bed?
I guess I better hike it up a bit....or Ben's hamster is going to go into hibernation.

Note to self: go to Walmart tomorrow and buy five pairs of thermals. I'm sick of all the whining. "Mom, I can't feel my toes." "Mom, I can see my breath." Mom, the carpet makes a crinkle noise when I walk to the bathroom."


Nanny Jackie said...

Yeah you might want to bump up the thermostat a degree or two. Long underwear is a good idea, but, don't buy thermal ... it itches. For you and Lauren Cuddle Duds is the way to go. Love my Cuddle Duds. For the guys ask George.

Mom said...

Aren't you glad you don't live in the Midwest? Even Maine is too cold for me. The worst thing about the cold weather is getting shocked.