Friday, September 30, 2005

Barnes and Noble

by teresa
Went to barnes and noble today with the gift cards and money I recieved for my birthday. I spent about 2 and 1/2 hours there. I would have stayed longer....but Ben's bus was due soon. I ended up getting six books from my list. I also got seven childrens story books (paperback). I love to find books for the kids that can be read out loud. You can read all books to kids but, some books are just perfect for reading aloud (funny voices, silly scenes, over the top characters to act out). So I plopped down on the floor(the paperbacks were on the bottom two sheves) and looked through about a hundred. I found some really good ones too. I can't wait to see if the kids like them. Katy even likes to hear me read aloud :) Chris says my perfect job would be a librarian at a school. That would be pretty cool. Although, I'm not good at sharing my books.

Red Robin

by teresa
I had the best time out to eat with my family last night. The food was great and so was the company. Chicken sandwich , fries and all the people you love. Life doesn't get any better than that! I ate so much that I could hardly stay awake once we got home. Kinda like after thanksgiving dinner. And then my stomach was killing me in the morning. I can't believe I used to eat like that all the time. Now it is back on phase one of southbeach. It won't be that difficult after last nights splurge. I got a camcorder, sapphire bracelet(my birthstone), target gift card, barnes and noble gift card and books. But my favorite thing was the dinner with everyone.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


by teresa
Went to Ben's school today. I finished with the bears and have now moved on to cutting out camels. I know you were all wating to see what was going to be next! Remember that was alligator A, bear B, and camel C. Any bets on what the D animal is going to be? I did get to escort three kids to the nurses office. One girl was bitten in the face by mosquitos and she swelled up. Anothers shoestrings were all knotted up, so she was sent to the nurse to get them straight. The last was a girl who spilled some drink on herself during lunch. Her teacher sent her to the nurse to get cleaned up. The nurse is kinda like a catch all. When the teacher can't do it....send them to the nurse.

Happy Birthday To Me!

by teresa
Today is my 35th birthday! Chris and the kids got me a new digital camcorder. I love it! It takes still pictures too! I have already videotaped Ben getting off the bus , Chris on a conference call, my dog sleeping and the lady next door trying to break into her house (she was locked out). I am going to be dangerous with this thing! I can't wait to go the Red Robin tonight with the whole family!


by teresa
Last night I decided not to cook dinner and just make the boys sub sandwiches and chips for dinner. Lauren was at school until late for cheering, and we had soccer practice. So, when we all got home I decided I would have a few crackers with some ham and cheese on them. I get these really good (but expensive) whole wheat...low carb crackers from the grocery store. Lauren was also in the kitchen trying to russle up some dinner. I looked all through the cabinet where I keep the crakers. Where is that new box? I took everything out of the cabinets. I could only find one box. The old box, that only had 3 crackers left in it. But I just bought a new box....I think. Maybe I am losing my mind! Maybe I really didn't buy a new box the other day. Whatever! Man I was really hungry too. Oh well....I got some ham and cheese out and ate my three crackers for dinner. Later that evening, as Chris and I were watching tv in bed, Lauren comes in our room. Mom....she says (grining). Ummmmm.....I took the new box of crakers to school this morning. I volunteered to bring crackers for a teachers luncheon and I forgot to tell you. So...I just took your crackers. Of course the knucklehead just stood there and let me keep on looking for those crackers earlier instead of fessing up. She ain't right!

school supplies

by teresa
I like to have a stock pile of school supplies at all times. I load up in September with enough to last all three kids until the summer. But, I am very selfish with them. No one is to go into my school supply boxes without permission! Ever! If you need something, and I agree that you need it, then I will get it from the box for you. This way I am able to keep an inventory of what I have, avoiding those 7:00pm, I need some posterboard for spanish tomorrow. You know what I mean. Nick has gotten fussed at at least three times already this school year for going in my box without my say so. He keeps getting more pencils(he took 50 to school the first day) and folders(he already has five for his subjects). This drives me crazy! And....I can ALWAYS tell if the box has been touched. Well.....the other evening......right before Lauren was going to bed she came in our room. Mom...she said.....I was in the school supplies this morning without asking. You were...I said....well what did you need? Ummmmm..... I forgot that I volunteered to bring in some supplies for needy children for Alpha. So what did you take? Notebooks. How many? Ummmmm. Three. OK.....that sounds reasonable...I said. Times (x) two.....she said. SIX? Good grief Lauren....I said. Plus (+) one! What? SEVEN? Yeah....she says.....and two packs of pencils. And.....I ask? Some folders. And....I ask? Some sisscors. Aarrrgh!

Soccer Practice

By Chris
Last night was the final soccer practice before games start. I'm very particular about the team being ready for game time . . . You can't leave the sideline coaching during a game, so they all have to know where to go and when, or it looks really bad. I hate it when teams look unorganized during games. Even if you loose, you should at least have the kids prepared (and I've found you win more than loose on that alone). So I kept them little 5 and 6 year olds running last night, blowing the whistle, making them hurry in game situations for 35 minutes straight. Our bum suckler was kicking people in one drill, so I sat him down with a stern warning. . . he cried a little . . . I felt bad. Kristian and Ben are both getting pretty good. They really "get it" after a few seasons and they try really hard. Kristian is definitely going to be one of our goalies. Ben is about a quarter-field faster than the rest of the team, which is a real advantage in soccer. He also is very good controlling the ball

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Big boy

by teresa
Ben has asked me to please not walk down to the corner and wait for his bus to bring him home from school. He says he wants me to stay on the porch and wait. He feels that he is big enough to walk home from the bus stop alone(it is 2 houses down). Actually, he asked if I would stay in the house....but I insisted that I at least had to be on the porch. He also asked me yesterday......mommy....when can I start walking to school on my own? I told him maybe in 5th grade. Although....when Nick rides his bike to school(this is a rare event), I have him take his walkie-talkie with him so we can talk the whole way. Ummmmmm......and I sneak and follow him in my car to make sure he waits for the crossing guard. I'm a little over protective. Last year, when I did this, a policeman pulled up beside me and gave me the once over. I guess I looked suspicious. I was in my car, in the parking lot of the church across from Nick's school, videotaping the children cross the street into the school yard.

by teresa
Only one more day until my birthday! I can't wait to pig out! Katy brought up a good point. She said I will probably be sick from eating like that since my body isn't used to it anymore. She's probably right. But I'm willing to take my chances. I wonder what presents I will get? Book store gift certificates perhaps? Maybe. Chris acts like he has a surprise for me. I can't wait to see what it is.

Room mom...again

by teresa
Ben's teacher sent me a letter today saying that I am her class room mom. Yeah! Ben is very excited. It will be easy...since I am already Nicks' class room mom....I will just make double everything. I can't wait until the first event. You know how I love to show off my craftiness!

Lauren babysitting

by teresa
Last night Chris and I went out on a date. No....not to a movie. No....not to a nice restaurant. We went to ....Farm fresh. We left the boys with Lauren and we went grocery shopping. Not "big" grocery shopping. We just needed a few things, so Chris went with me. We had fun too. We took our time looking around, cut up alittle, smooched in the frozen food section. J/K When we were done we just drove around for awhile. Nowhere in particular....we just wanted to be alone for a few more minutes. When we got home all the lights in the house were off. What's going on? Lauren had them take showers and get in their pajamas. then they had icecream and she put in the movie "Sharkboy and Lava girl" for them to watch. They had cut all the lights out so it would be like the movies. They were all so occupied that we were able to come in, put away the groceries, sneak upstairs and watch our shows in peace(at least for a half hour). Then they all came up. We put the boys to bed and ended up both falling asleep by 9:30. We are getting old!


by teresa
Well, yesterday I took Nick to get a cello for school. They have the option in 5th grade to take strings or chorus....he wanted to take strings. And of course he couldn't pick the violin (we have 2 at home), he wanted to try the cello. So I took him to music and arts store so they could see what size cello he would need(there are 3 different sizes). He was all smiles! He also picked out a name tage for his case and a polishing cloth (he says he will buff it everday). I really think he will do well at this. He has been wanting to play an instrument for a long time. He looks up to his sister, who plays the violin, and loves to attend her concerts. Now...he can go to my concerts! He is also excited about having to dress up and wear a tie for the performances. That's my Nicky! Ben...on the other hand....was beating on a pair of BONGO drums the ENTIRE time we were in the music store. He did'nt care that people were looking, he just BEAT BEAT BEAT! That's my Ben!

Thrifty mamasita

by teresa
Today was another sucessful day at the Union Mission thrift store. I got a pair of Keds sport tennis shoes for myself(I always have a pair of white keds). I am, and have always been, a keds girl. Katy calls them bo-bo shoes. Whatever! I also got Kristian 2 shirts and a pair of pants(childrens place). Ben a shirt, and the little girl next door (Morgan) 3 cute halloween shirts. I also lucked out and found 3 great books. A Mary Higgins Clark(I love her)....Where the red fern grows (a classic).... and Angela's Ashes ( I heard this was won the Pulitzer prize). I can't wait until next tuesday.

Day three

by teresa
I continue to enjoy working at Ben's school. I find myself going earlier and staying later each time. There is always something for a person to do, so this is never a problem. It was pretty uneventful todday. The fedex man, copier guys, electrician, and a dad bringing cupcakes to his daughters class for her birthday. This was very sweet! He had boxes of hostess. So he was hurriedly unwrapping each cellophane wrapper and putting them on a plate he had brought, before her class came down for lunch. Presentation is everything, you know. He was there 15 minutes. 15 minutes during his busy day(he came in some blue collar work uniform), and his daughter has this memory forever! She had the biggest smile on her face. 15 minutes isn't much....but to a 6yr. old it is EVERYTHING! Oh yeah....I got to cut out more bears today. Last weeks bears(brown) were for the boys. Today it was 60 pink bears for the girls. His teacher told me that these alphabet animals and going to be put together in a book as the year continues. Every animal has a poem that goes with it, then at the end of the school year...they have a completed alphabet book. Cool.

Monday, September 26, 2005


by teresa
It is now 3 days until my 35th birthday. Now I have 13 books on my wishlist. I also will be CHEATING on my birthday!! No......not with Matthew McConaughey......with BREAD!!!! Chris and my family are all going out to Red Robin and I am having something breaded.... on a big bun....with lots of fries! And my mom is making me a cake....and I am going to have a huge piece. With ice cream! And not "carb options" ice cream either! BREYERS BABY!!!!

Texas Roadhouse

by teresa
Yesterday after church we went to Texas Roadhouse with George and Jackie. Since all of us are now on the "no carb" diet.....a steak place is the best place to grab a bite. If you haven't been here should try it. It's loud enough for you to take your kids and they can be themselves without you having to hide under the table.......and they give you hefty portions too. They also do the funniest thing if it's your birthday. They all come over to your table and make you get on this big saddle that looks like it is nailed to a saw horse. Then they sing to you and yee haw and yipee it up! With Georges' birthday today and mine on thursday we were a little nervous that someone might spill the beans on us. Lucky for THEM....they didn't. Payback would have been HARSH! But we did get a special visitor to our table. Of course I had my camera to capture the moment forever.

green belt

by teresa
Friday was Nick's green belt testing day. He has had his orange belt for 4 months now. This is a big deal for him because as a green belt you spar more and you get to help teach the little dragons classes(4, 5 and 6yr olds). Along with all the "fighting stuff" he had to learn he also had 15 bible verses to memorize for his test. At his school, if you don't know the don't get to test! I love it!! Well, Nick has a hard time with this. We practice and practice....then the next day he forgets everything. So we really focused the last few weeks. And with all of his school work this meant no free time for Nick. Finally friday came. We were both very excited. I got him out of school early so he could take the afternoon test. We drove over to the dojo.....the whole way he was saying how thrilled he was.....and as I pulled up to the dojo I realized I had left his uniform AT HOME! NOOOOOOOO! I tuned around and sped home. It was 1:10 and the test started at 1:30! We live a good 15 minutes from the school. We pulled up at the house, ran in, got the uniform and he changed in the backseat on the way there. We caught every light!I was majorly STRESSED! I could not let this child miss this test. He had worked so hard! What kind of a mother am I? Well, we got there at 1:37 and ran in. They had not started the test yet. People were still warming up on the mats. Yeah!!!! He tested! He passed! I breathed! Now I have until January before the next test....and then we will do this all over again. Except next time I will surely remember his uniform! After they recieved their belts the instructor asked them to all turn around and give the parents a hand. He said without all the time and energy (and money) we devote to their Karate ambitions....they wouldn't be getting the awards at all. Amen!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Best Daughter

By Chris
I told you before, that Teresa likes to be the best at whatever she's doing. Many times, this is accomplished through "sucking up." She loovvveess to cook something good, and take it to her daddy next door. You can tell when she is plotting this move, because she controls everyone's portions at home to ensure a hefty plate is left over. "No seconds for you. Back off Chris!" She only does it when she's cooked something real good (which actually happens a lot. She's become a very good cook). Like tonight. Tuna steaks with peanut sauce and squash caserole, made in a new way tonight. It was good. So, right after dinner she prepared a pretty plate to take next door. She always makes sure the presentation is pretty on the plates that leave the house. She'll call her mom later to ask how it went over. She especially likes to do it when her sister is next door (which is pretty much . . . how should I put it . . . well . . . always). Sort of saying "and what did you bring to daddy and momma today?" And, if she can do it while her sister is off with her mother, even better. Then she can send the message: "Did they leave you alone. Well here's something for you." She got to deliver the goods tonight while the other girls were out shopping. Cha - Ching. Double score.

IR 25 GB 20 . . . Lauren on TV

By Chris
Last night was the first home football game. We all went, along with Nick's friend Jonah. After every Indian River touchdown, the cheerleaders throw little Indian River footballs into the crowd. Nick, Jonah and Ben all got one. Seems they have an "in" with one of the cheerleaders. IR won by 5 in a really good game. We saw Lauren's friend Christa in the Great Bridge band, which was huge and excellent. It looked like a college-sized band. It cracked Teresa and me up that they even had a little John Deer tractor to pull out some of their equipment. In our day, Great Bridge was a huge rival of IR, and we always joked about how "country" they were. I'm sure they called us thugs, or something similar. The boys pigged out on nachos, candy, soda and chicken sandwiches. The game was on TV (Channel 48 on Chesapeake Cox Cable). We watched some of the replay, and Lauren was front and center, doing the "rowser" dance after a touchdown. Teresa was so excited, she was bouncing! Her baby girl on TV cheering! It would be like me seeing one of the boys playing basketball on tv, I guess. Yeee Haaaaahhh. If you have Chesapeake cable, check out the game replay at 10 a.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. Sunday . . . Lauren is high-profile within the first 5 minutes. Lauren hated it when they did the cheerleader intros during one timeout. They called out each of their names . . . at which point they did a solo jump \ move thing. We enjoyed it. Yeah, she's big-time now ;)

We got to see all of our ads in the program. Nick purchased one with his own money that simply says "Tricky Nicky." That's what "Commandar Van" has always called him, and he loves it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Strings Night

By Chris
Last night was "Strings Night" at Nick's school. All the kids who will be starting orchestra for the first time attend with a parent for an orientation. I went with Nick . . . Teresa chose dishes and dinner clean-up, I got Strings Night. I don't like these kinds of meetings. I don't know why kids' schools roll-out the same seats for adults as they use for children. Teacher conference . . . have a seat in this little teeny desk and talk to me with your knees sprawled over the place. String night in the cafeteria . . . have a seat at this comfy cafeteria table with a too-small round spinning disk as a seat, with no back. The same kind I sat at in that same cafeteria. Can't we afford just a few "grown ups" chairs for our schools. I bet parents would come more often!

Anyway, it was a mercifully short meeting. And Nick really is pretty excited about this. I think music will be a much bigger hit with him than soccer and other stuff that he ended up not liking. He chose the cello as his instrument. That's the biggest one you can play at his age. It looks bigger than him. We got to look at one in its carrying case. I would have avoided something big like that to carry to school at all costs. Not Nick. He was truly giddy leaving the school, thinking about getting that cello and learning how to play it. He even talked about how neat it would be to perform something with his violin-playing sister. I'm pretty sure this activity will be high on her agenda . . . fiddling with her little brother. I told him that we would rent one this year . . . to make sure he liked it. I told him he may want to switch to the band next year when that becomes an option. He said he would rather do orchestra-type music. And he means it. His radio station of choice is 90.3 . . . which plays mostly instrumental, classical-type music . . . with lots of strings music.

Funny Stories from Work

By Chris
Funny story, from a colleague who used to run a cancer center.

After moving to a new facility, the center received a huge flower arrangement, the kind you would expect to be sent to a funeral. The message also didn't line up with any of their patients. So, they called the florist to check it out. The nurse on the phone shrieked. Seems the delivery guy got a little mixed up. The new center's flowers went to the funeral, the funeral flowers to the new center. The message on the flowers that ended up at the funeral: "Congratulations on your new location" Hehehe.

So, that reminded people of my infamous goof with the passing of a loved one. With all the staff and volunteers related to my job, there is always a card or two being circulated for some person's birthday or another. We all sign, and pass along. On one particular day, there were several being passed around. So I wrote "Happy Birthday!" and signed my name in each, and passed them on. Only problem: one of the cards was a sympathy card for my good friend Tracy, who just lost her father. Can you imagine reading that. "So sorry for your loss.." "Praying for you and your family . . . " "Happy Birthday!!" Tracy called, saying it gave her a laugh. I ALWAYS read the cards now.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


by teresa
I was just out on my porch reading a magazine and waiting for Ben's bus to come, when I felt something on my arm. I wiped it away and kept reading. When I got up I felt it again. I turned around and saw that I had walked into a huge spider web. It was caught in my hair and hanging down on my arm. Yuck! I frantically brushed at my head and body to make it fall off. Those things are so sticky! Then I noticed the big spider still attached to it. He was crawling down toward me. FREAK ME OUT PEOPLE!! FREAK!!!! ME!!!! OUT!!!! I then almost fell off the porch, beating my entire body, stomping and flailing until the web broke and he bounced back up toward the middle of the web. My shoe even fell into the bushes. I hope the neighbors weren't watching me. And by the case you didn't know....spiders FREAK ME OUT! I ran in to get the camera, so you could see for yourself.

Day two

by teresa
My second day working at Ben's school was real great. The staff are so nice and very thankful for what I am doing. You see....if no one volunteers to come in ....they have to split the shifts up among themselves. Which takes away their planning and paper grading times. Today was a little more eventful than tuesday. There was a dad that came to have lunch with his I had to escort him to the cafeteria. There was a kindergardener that got dropped off out front by his daycare bus. The bus just drove off without anyone taking him I signed him in and took him to class. One of the special needs children got brought back to school by his bus driver because his mother was not home when he was to be dropped off. The bus driver wheeled him in and left on another bus run. Well, none of us could figure out how to unlock the wheels on his chair. This was pretty comical. We pushed this and that, jiggled this and that. We still could not budge that chair! Finally one of the special needs teachers came down(they were in a resource at the time) and flipped one little switch and the wheels were unlocked! She had another child with her, so I got to roll him down to his class. The little boy slept through this entire ordeal :) Mrs. Keagy, Ben's teacher, had my work layed out for me when I got there. Today I traced and cut out 60 bear heads and 120 bear ears(remember today was B). I look forward to next tuesday very much. I will let you know what the animal for C is. I'm sure you are as anxious to know as I am!

Alpha rules!!

by teresa
Lauren gets out of her entire class schedule today. It is underclassmen pictures day and the yearbook staff is running the show. Well....ladeedah! She had to have signatures from all of her teachers giving permission. She also had to go in early today to take a test she would be missing today. It should be a fun day for her. School should be fun. I'm glad she has made school such a big part of her life. After school they are having Alpha tryouts. So she will be at school until about 8:00pm or later. She gets to help call the girls who made it at their homes tonight and give them the good news. She is really looking forward to this! I also was in Alpha Omega Phi Tri Hi Y in high school. Chris says me and the other ANGELS (this is your title in Alpha) were bigs snobs. I told him he should feel lucky that he had an "angel" as a girlfriend! Just kidding!! You guys know I am not, nor have I ever been, a snob! Right?


by teresa
Last night our dog Shorty slept in the boys room with Nick, while Ben slept with me. When I put him in there last night Ben's bed was all made up and he jumped up on it. Well, when I opened the door this morning to get Nick up this is what I saw. He had pulled the blankets off the bed and wrapped himself up in them. Doesn't he look comfortable?

Soccer practice

by teresa
With Chris out of town last night, Katy and I ran the soccer practice together. She once again strapped Kaden to her chest and got right out on the field. We had a really good time. We have twelve kids on the team(all 5 and 6yrs old) and they are all adorable. We played a game called sharks and minnows. You give all the kids soccer balls except two or three. The ones without the balls are the sharks and the others are the minnows. When you blow the whistle the sahrks are to steal the balls from the minnows. When your ball is kicked out of bounds, you go get it and sit on the sidelines. You continue until there is one minnow left with a ball. These kids were vicious! Even the timid kids on the team became extremly agressive trying to get the balls! Ben got bumsuckled three times. He hit the ground HARD! He cried, but refused to sit out and be tended to. He is very competitive and was not going to loose just because he was hurt. He won both times we played it. Kristian also played great! She may be the princess off the field.....but she is like a WALL on the field. The kids can NOT get the ball past her! One of the really good kids was dribbling the ball down the field at full run. It looked like he was going to bowl right over Kristian. NOPE! She stepped full on into his stride and slammed the ball out from between his legs. The kicked it HARD down the field. she doesn't play around. I LOVE IT! I can't wait until the games begin. I will take lots of pictures.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Homework hazzard

by teresa
Today for homework, Ben had to look through magazines to find certain words, then cut them out and put them in his notebook. Well...... Ben had a real good time with this. He was like....YES....sicissors!! By the time he was done, the table looked as though we had just had a ticker- tate parade. His next assignment was for me to read him a book from our home library. As I was reading, I noticed him messing with his ear. He said....mommy I think a piece of paper got into my ear. What Ben? I think I have paper in my ear. I turned his head and looked. paper. I continued to read. A minute later..........mommy......I really think there is paper in my ear. Good grief Ben. How in the world could paper be in your ear? I mean, I know you were in a cutting frenzy.....but I don't think it was enough to cause paper to shoot in your ear! He still I turned him on his side under the lamp and pulled his ear open. Yep!! Paper!! Why in the world do my children do such ridiculous things all the time? It looked pretty far in. I think his picking at it may have pushed it even farther. I tell him we may have to go to the doctor to have it removed. He cries and tells me I'm scaring him. Good grief! So I got some tweezers, turned him on his side under a lamp, and carefully reached into his ear. Sooooooooooooo carefully! After a few minutes I was able to maneuver it out. It looked like the end of a rolled up cigarette. He had rolled up some scrap of paper and pushed it into his ear. Duh!! Don't ever put anything into your ear Ben.....I said. I didn't put it in, it just dropped in by itself....he said.


by teresa
This picture of Kaden frightens me a little bit. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see it's something about her RED eyes. Creepy!

HE WANTS YOU TOO......MALACHI!! (my uncle Jim is the only one who will get this)


by teresa
Only eight more days till my 35th birthday! My book wishlist is up to TEN! I'm so excited!

Room Mom

by teresa
Last night was the PTA open house at Nick's school. Lauren watched Ben for me, and Jackie took Nick to Karate class so I could attend. You guys know I live for this kind of stuff. I am very involved with everything that goes on at my kids schools. As Chris always says....that's my job! Well, they had the PTA meeting first(of course) and then the parents got to go to your child room and meet with the teacher. Of course I've coresponded with her several times already. If you would have given me a choice of any teacher for him....I don't think I could have chosen a better one! This lady is great! She is so encouraging with him and all the kids and very enthusiastic about teaching.
She told me that Nick is doing great and when she wasn't looking I peeked at her the behavior points list on her desk. Nick had the second highest score in the class. Now that's what I'm talking about! She also annouced during the meeting that I would be ROOM MOM. Holla! You know that makes me happy! I can't wait until the fall party to show off my cupcake talents. lol Here's a photo of the cupcakes I made for Ben's Easter party last year. Bunnies, chicks and flowers. Hold your applause!


by teresa
I like this picture of Kaden. It looks like she is pointing at me. Well, actually she is. I asked her.....who is the bestest, prettiest, most fun aunt in the world?......she said.....yooooooouu! that's right people! Auntie Teresa! Just ask Kristian and Kai. They'll tell ya. I am their favorite aunt. Well....there is one other aunt they love besides me. And that's Aunt Jemima! The syrup! You know how they are about their pancakes!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


by teresa
I got no strings, to hold me down. To make me fret, or make me frown. I had strings, but now I'm free. I got no strings on me!

This is a picture of Lauren pretending to be Pinocchio the puppet. If you want to see the video of this(which is hilarious) just blog me your email address and I will shoot it over to you. Just don't tell Lauren.

Miss Geri

by teresa
I know that I have mentioned my neighbor Geri a few times on the blog. You probably feel as though you even know her yourself. Well, today is her birthday. So I wanted to give a great big shout out to her and her family. Happy Birthday Geri!!! Our entire block thinks very highly of her and her wonderful husband Chuck. They always give Nick lots of attention. They pay him to do odd jobs for them and Chuck even let Nick drive his riding lawnmower. I bet he doesn't even realize how HUGE of a deal that was for our Nick. She always has a big bowl of candy and snacks when you come over. I mean it looks like Halloween or something. She keeps the bowl full all year, for all the kids(her grandbabies and the neighborhood children). They have also been very generous to Lauren when she was raising money for her missions trips. And, if your ever board and nothing good is on TV, you just run across the street to Chuck and Geri's. They have a better movie selection than Blockbuster! If something new comes out on DVD, Geri is there buying it. And they always offer to let us borrow them. Sometimes before they have even watched it themselves. I have mentioned in the past how she loves to work in her garden. Well, often she brings over plants from her yard to me or my mom. She is a very giving and loving lady. It's like having another nanny, for ME and the kids. She even keeps my dad straight. It's great how God puts special people in your life. Thank you God for Miss Geri!!


by teresa
Does anybody know what day it is? TUESDAY! And what does that mean? THRIFT STORE! What special things did I find this week? Well, I got Kristian 3 pairs of pants. I got Ben a pair of pants, pajamas, and 3 shirts. I also got Nick and Ben 6 pairs of underwear(with the tags still on them). Oh yeah, and I got myself a new purse(liz claiborne). All for under $10. It was a good day!

Jury duty?

by teresa
The mail just came today and it had a letter from the Clerk's Office for the US District Court. It has a juror qualification questionaire in it. The letter attached states that I am required to fill this out and mail it promptly. Yikes! Does this mean they are going to call me for jury duty? Or does everyone get these letters?

IRHS here I come

by teresa
I went with Lauren to her PTA open house at school last night. Before the meeting started, they had tables where you could sign up to volunteer at the school. Lauren was not happy when I picked up this form. There were many ways to help that didn't even require you going to the school. Like making phone calls, sending in snacks for differents events, stuffing envelopes, etc. So I checked off a few of those. Lauren looked relieved. But how much fun is that? Stuffing envelopes....backing cupcakes....I need more! So I signed up to work in the library. Sounds perfect for me, don't you think? And I'm sure Lauren will love having me around!

Day one

by teresa
I just got back from my first day working at Ben's school. I haven't felt this useful in a long time. My time at the security desk was pretty uneventful. A couple of parents bringing their kids in late, the fedex guy, and the mailman were the only people from the outside that entered on my watch. After a pat down...finger print scan...and a urine test.....they were allowed to pass. Just kidding! Ben's teacher saw me come in the office to check in. When I offered to do anything I could for her while I ran the desk, she got one of those cheshire cat grins on her face. She then ran upstairs to her class(three flights of stairs) and returned in about 5 seconds flat. She had green construction paper, sicsors, a pencil and a stencil of an aligator head. Hmmmmmmm.....what important job am I to do with these things??? Well, she told me.....I need you to trace and cut out 60 alligator heads!! Oh my! I got to work right away. She passed me about an hour later while leading Ben's class into the luchroom(Ben had the biggest grin on his face). Your doing a great job...she says. Yeah, I'm over half way through them....I brag. Great...because that is just for the letter A.... there is a different animal that needs to be cut out for every letter of the alphabet. Me and my big mouth! That's alright....I'll be back on thursday to tackle the B's. And I can't wait!!!!

Off to "Work"

By Chris
I'm sure we'll hear more about this from Teresa soon (she'll probably kill me for commenting). But I had to chime in on her first day on the job as hall and door monitor at Ben's school. It was as big a milestone at the Green's as Lauren's drive to school this morning (I should have gotten a picture). She's dead serious about this. She's been full-time, all-the-time on mom duty since Nick was born more than 10 years ago, when we answered the call to install a full-time parent in the Green home. She didn't go in any jeans or sweat pants either. Decked out and color coordinated she was when I rolled out of bed at 7:30. She dropped me at the airport at 8:45, fretting about the mild traffic on the other side of Military Hwy heading home. She didn't need to be there until 10! You could walk from the airport to Norfolk Highlands in that time. She's so diligent. She wants to be there EARLY. She takes her jobs seriously . . . parenting, Sunday School teacher, volunteering . . . whatever she does she does all the day. No half-measures. I love that! She'll be running something there soon, I'm sure. And, of course, it's spread to Lauren's school. I'll let Teresa tell you about her new jobs there . . . Mom at High School -- Hehehehehehe. Lauren will LOVE IT.

I teased her that it would be great to get some of the jobs that come with money. I guess one is really not in her current career track for the money though.

Lauren pics.

by teresa
Chris took these shots of Lauren driving to school for the first time. She is supposed to call us as soon as she gets there. How many of you think she will actually remember? Of course not!

I stand corrected! Lauren just called and said she did just fine. She got a good parking space, because most people aren't there yet. I asked her if she felt grown and she said ...yes!

zoom zoom zoom

by teresa
Lauren is driving to school on her own today and the rest of this week! Be afraid..........Be very afraid.........
Just kidding! She is very nervous, but I now she will do great. Her friend Drew assured her that by the end of the week, her fears will be gone and she will be begging to use the car.

Any Volunteers???

by teresa
With Chris out of town until Thursday night, I need to find a volunteer that can take Nick to karate practice tonight from 6:30pm-7:30pm. He is belt testing on friday and can't miss this class. My problem is that his PTA open house is also tonight at 7:00pm. If anyone can find time in their busy schedules to fit him in, I would really appreciate it!
Thank you!!

More on Lauren

by teresa
I thought of something that Chris forgot to put on Lauren's list of activities. Orchestra. This is Lauren's third year involved in the Indian River High school orchestra. Her seventh year taking violin. This involves many hours of practicing and concerts throughout the year.
She also announced yesterday that she is joining two mor groups at school. The Student Council Association(student government) and Operation Smile, where they participate in fundraisers that pay for surgeries kids need for new smiles. Last year their funraiser helped ten kids.
I tried to talk her into bowling club too, but she just rolled her eyes at me.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Long Time at the Dojo

By Chris
To accomodate a scheduling conflict, I'm at Karate for Christ, relieving
Teresa to go to Lauren's school. I don't go to Karate much, and never for
the whole time. Two classes take a r- e- a- l long time. They've got old
church pews to sit on, which are pretty hard. And it smells like feet.
Everyone takes their shoes off for class. Teresa does this several hours
most days! God bless her! But Nick and Ben are both pretty fun to watch.

The Good of Lauren

By Chris
Poor Lauren is taking a beating lately here. Really deserved, because she is definitely a trip. Teresa says she's just like me in alot of ways. Thought I would give the really good on her too. It's amazing how much Lauren does. Right now here are the highlights of her busy life:

  • Varsity Cheerleading. This is serious stuff. Hours of practice everyday. Games until late on Friday nights, with more games to come later. Saturday practices, starting at 8 a.m. are on the slate too for the competition squad.
  • Alpha. This is a sorority service organization. Weekly meetings at least. Commitments to do service projects. They even provide teacher gifts on their birthdays and other neat stuff (all at their own expense).
  • Class Council. She's on the Junior Class Council, which meets regularly. Saturday, she had to serve 2 hours at one of their car wash fundraisers, after four hours of cheering practice.
  • Yearbook Staff. Self explanatory. I'm sure that will get real busy.
  • Church. She's committed there as well. Play practice will start soon there. Sunday School, Wednesday night class. Missioin trips during the last two summers, for which she completely raised her own support money.
  • School. She's got a pretty good class load. Honors classes . . . Spanish 5, which is completely optional. I wouldn't take that optionally.

And, she just rolls with everything. Gets everything done. Finds time for lots of friends too somehow. We're really proud of her.


by teresa
It is now 9:20pm and we just got a call from Lauren. We had tried to call her a few times but she had left her phone at home. She says.....Andrew, Deb and I are leaving Christina's house now. Christina? The only Christina we know lives in North Carolina! Surely my daughter didn't cross state lines without permission? Oh but she did! But I left you a message on the answering machine about what I was doing....she says. Chris tells her......Number one: Your message was incoherant(all he got out of it was something about Olive Garden! Number two: Did the answering machine give you permission to go? If you are leaving one place and going to another(especially another state) you need to get permission from one of us. Not the answering machine! We both have cell phones, so this should never be a problem. Also, never leave the house without your cell phone! Why do we even pay for it?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where is my daughter?

by teresa
My 16 yr old daughter has been gone since right after church. Now that she has friends who can drive, she doesn't need us anymore(on the weekends). She left with her friend Andrew and some other kids from church to go out to lunch. That was 12:15pm. Then she called around 3:oopm and said they were all going to Drew's house to hang out. Whatever! I guess his house is cool to hang out at because he has no little siblings to bug them when they are all chillin. Then around 7:00pm there was a message left on the answering machine that some of them were going to Olive Garden for dinner. Good grief!! It is now 9:02pm. Where is my daughter? If you see her, tell her to come home now!

Tooth Fairy Busted

By Chris
Ben's figured it out. There is no Tooth Fairy. His room mate brother set her up. Nick lost a tooth the other night and told Ben they would run a test to settle the question. They put the tooth under Nick's pillow for a
couple of nights, without telling us! Seeing no money, Ben came to us this morning with the whole story. Faced with the undeniable facts, we had to admit it was so. Teresa told Ben if he wanted to pretend a little while
longer, she wouldn't mind pretending too, and still leave money. I think Teresa would gladly pretend a lot of things “a little while longer” for our last “baby.” She was pretty bummed that Ben now doesn't like watching Nick Jr. or Winnie the Pooh shows anymore, because “they are for babies” he says. She's such a good Mommy .... And Tooth Ferry.

My new job

by teresa
Tomorrow starts my third week with the kids in school all day. The first week was really different. Since Ben had half day kindergrden last year, I was never able to do much running around before he got home. But, now the kids are gone from 8:00-2:30 everyday. What's a girl to do with 6 1/2 hours of free time? Sounds exciting doesn't it? Well I can tell you that it got old after day three! I knew I had to find something to fill my time. so this week I start a volunteer job at Ben's school. Tuesday and Thursday for a few hours I will be .....THE ENFORCER! That means I get to sit at the security desk and make sure nobody enters the building without signing in at the office first, and nobody is in the hall who shouldn't be. Excuse me sir....can I see some I.D.? Yes maam...I'm going to have to search your purse! Stop running in the hall! Do you have a pass little boy? hahaha I hope the power doesn't go to my head.

Money Bags Nick

By Chris
Nick's been having regular income from his grass-cutting gig for a while now. At least $70 a month . .. plus a little extra from us sometimes. He pretty much takes care of all of our yardwork too now. Weedwacking and all. Saturday, he treated Ben to a trip to the toy store. They were great there together, and Nick was real attentive to his little brother, setting spending limits and being certain all options were vetted. He took care of all the details, including paying at the register. He made me buy my own air needles though! They bought two "smooth" cars. "Open Cars," as Ben calls his favorites. This means that the doors, hood, etc. "open," of course. They've been playing with them all day. Ben slept with his.

Like a good businessman, Nick recognizes that the grass-cutting business will soon dry up. He cleaned my car yesterday . . . vacuum, Armor All and everything. I guess he's angling to get paid for that. Today, he made a flyer for the neighbors where he laid out his services for the fall and winter: car cleaning, leaf raking, snow shoveling (that won't happen much) and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS SETUP!!! That ought to be a big hit in Norfolk Highlands. We don't hold back. Lights, lawn figures, plastic Santas, more lights, etc. are big here.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hot Practice & Bum Suckle

By Chris
The third practice for our soccer team was today. It was really hot.
Kristian and Ben were red and sweaty by the end. This one kid is a cute
little guy from South Africa, with a bit of a British accent. He asks
questions like “Where shall I stand?” and “What am I to do?”. Very cute.
Scrimaging today, today he was kicking Kristian, and she cried hard. She
gets really upset if she thinks someone doesn't like her. He was just
doing what he thought was effective. “I was trying to bum suckle 'em
coach,” he told me, with his little accent. That's a keeper phrase. I've
already been using it all day. “Stop doing that, or I'll have to bum
suckle you” ... “Watch out, you're fixin' to get bum suckled” I've been

Upgrades and Fire Alarms

It's a crazy week. 9:45 and I am waiting on the plane for the last leg of
a marathon week. (To Atlanta Monday night, back to home late Tuesday night
just to sleep, up to DC Wednesday first thing in the morning, DC to Atlanta
early Thursday .... Hopefully I'll be home for a few hours of sleep soon
before heading to Richmond for a morning meeting there).

In Atlanta, they gave me an upgrade on my room free. Two bedrooms, two
baths and three tv's all for me. I actually had to decide which bathroom
to shower in. ... I compared them, and finally decided to bathe in one and
do everything else in the other. Pretty good deal there ... No pesky steam
on the mirror. I even switched beds once, and watched all three tv's at
some point. Why get all that good upgraded stuff and not use it. It
evened out in DC. Stayed downtown to be close to the airport and metro
stop, but got sirens all night.

My room's fire alarm went off. Vert loud, with blinking strobe light. At
first, I wasn't sure where I was:(home? Atlanta? ... Oh yeah Washinton!
Those sirens are much louder. Why is the room blinking like that? That's
an alarm! Get dressed ... Can't leave in what I sleep in! In dress pants,
under shirt and no shoies I open the door, and the stupid thing just shuts
up. Weird. Nobody even came to check on me. Good thing there wasn't a
real fire. Traveling is always an adventure!

Friday, September 16, 2005

snake charmer

by teresa
Here is a picture of my dad. He caught a snake today. From the play by play he gave me about the capture, I thought it was going to be a little........ummmmm.......bigger. It sounded like a scene from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
Exciting....thrilling....dangerous. I guess you just had to be there.


by teresa
Everytime I go to use the camera for something, I find crazy pictures on it that Lauren has taken of herself. Do your kids do this too? What in the world? She is soooo bizarre. I would love to follow her around when she is away from home and see how if she acts like this with other people. I was reading an article in called "Why teenagers act weird" by Sarah Mahoney. If you have teens or preteens, you need to read this. It really explains alot how their brains work. I just thought you would like to see what was on the camera.

Book crazy

by teresa
Today was alot of fun for me and many other book lovers in Chesapeake. The Chesapeake Central library has a huge book sale each year. They fill a large meeting room to capacity with thousands of books. You just pick through boxes and boxes, piles and piles and get as many books as you can carry. Friday and Saturday the books are .25 for paperback and 1.00 for hardback and childrens hardbacks are only .50. Fiction, Travel, Childrens, Religion, Encyclopedia sets, biographies, fantasy, and much much more. They even have books on tape, videos and cds. And then on Sunday form 1:00-4:00 everything is FREE! I mostly get childrens books and classics. This year I was smart and took 2 big tote bags to put my books in. I figured I would stop looking when I could no longer feel my arms from the weight of the bags. An hour and a half and 40 books later I was out of there. Now I just need a new bookcase. I can't wait until next year........ Maybe I'll go back on Sunday after church.

Everybody was kung fu fighting......heeeyaaah

by teresa
Ben was very excited to recieve his purple belt this week. Here is a shot of him in class last night. Nick will be testing for his green belt next Friday. Tonight is Friday Night Fights again. I can't wait to see Nick kick some booty.


by teresa
Last night, the boys and I were waiting in the Indian River High parking lot for Lauren to return from a Volleyball match at Lakeland High. She left her phone at home, so I had no idea what time she was going to be returning. I decided to go straight from karate, which ended at 7:30pm. I figured if the game started at 6:00pm they would probably be back to school around 8:00pm. How long are volleyball games anyway? Well, we waited for about 40 minutes. Forty loooooong minutes in the car(remember we have the rental, so we can't watch a movie while we wait like we can in my caravan). She still didn't show up. So, we went home, I bathed the boys, got them in their pj's.......and then Lauren called. Of course! Anyway, while we were waiting, I remembered that I had the camera in my purse(always). So I got it out and we took pictures of ourselves. Silly pictures.......crazy pictures. We were really acting up and then Nick noticed that the people had returned to the car beside us. They were looking at us like we had lost our minds. After 40 minutes in the car with my two sons I was well on my way. Chris needs to come home soon!!!! Here are a few of the shots from last night.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just Smile

by teresa
I just picked Nick up from school. He is still very excited about school. He has really taken to his teacher. She had him stay after school yesterday to help her make a new display for the classroom. This was thrilling for him. He said he recieved 7 smiles today. He said she gave him 3 of the smiles for staying after and helping her yesterday. He was very proud. I love this game the teacher has set up. Rewarding kids for good behavior works everytime. He says if she sees them doing something good she tells them,"you just made me smile" and them puts a smile by their name. I think us adults would benefit from this too. Actually, this does happen. Can't you picture God up in heaven looking down at all the things we do, pray, say, feel, share, and want, each day? And telling us, "you just made me smile". Putting another smile by your name in the lambs book of life. How many smiles would you have got today?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thrifty Mama

by teresa
Well, today is my favorite day of the week......tuesday! Why you ask? Tuesdays are half price days at my favorite thrift store! I look forward to it all week. It's 8:55. Every 60+ year old in tidewater and me are lined up outside the Union Mission thrift store in Indian River rd. They open the doors at 9:00 and I am barreling over these blue haired old women trying to get one of the 5 shopping carts that they have. It really is a rush getting something for a really good deal. And no one knows it's previously owned, unless your like me and brag about how I got an item for a steal. It feels like a treasure hunt.There's a fine art to thrift store shopping. It takes a good eye, an ability to turn on the blinders to the vast amount of junk you'll inevitably encounter on your excursions, and a heap of patience. It's not the quickest or the easiest path towards an abode filled and furnished with all your little heart has ever desired. But, thrift stores are one of the best places you can go to discover great stuff at prices that are just short of a steal.

Tastes like Chicken

by teresa
After giving Ben his first dose of amoxicillan for his ear infection, he was not happy about the taste. Yuck, he said. Why can't they make it taste like chicken? I'll put a call in to Pfizer, and see what they can come up with.

Kaden update

by teresa
Just thought ya'll would like to see the cutest baby in the world. Look at those eyes! Look at those dimples! Don't you just want to pinch her?

Day four

by teresa
Well, the first week of school couldn't have gone any better for us. Kids got up...Kids went without came home happy. That's all we ever hope for. Nick took scones and muffins on friday to his teacher and two great ladies in the office. After the great week he has had, I was ready to pay their mortgages to show my appreciation! But, I decided a nice breakfast treat would be more appropriate. Ben's school called about an hour after he had been there. He was in the nurses office with and ear ache. Of course I rushed there, calling the doctors office on the way, and collected my baby. He was crying and holding his head. The doctor was able to get us in that hour. By the time we got to the doctors he was feeling better already. Isn't that always how it is? At home they are whining and moaning, acting as though death is near. Then you get to the office and they are climbing up the walls and being loud. Making you feel like an idiot in front of the nurses, who an hour before you were talking to on the phone about your terribly sick little boy, trying to convince them that he needed to be seen immediatly! Turns out, that Ben really did have and ear infection. He was like....see mom....I told you I was sick! Of course, when we got home I told him the rule, that when you are home from school sick you have to stay in bed. All of a sudden he was cured! Too Late! He took a 3 hour nap(and so did I). This mom job is so rough sometimes. Lauren had a good week. She likes all of her classes and teachers. She has lots of homework for Spanish 5, she is in Alpha, on the yearbook staff, is in her 7th year of violin, and has cheer pratice 5 days a week She is very busy. Very, very busy. But, we figure that is the best thing for a 16 year old girl to be....BUSY! She teases me about writing on the blog everyday about heir school day. Are you going to have ....Day One hundred twenty two? She's such a smart mouth!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tough Loss

By Chris
Went to Darling Stadium to watch Lauren's first varsity cheering game -- Indian River vs. Hampton. Football is big-time at Hampton, in the very impressive Darling Stadium. Big crowd on both sides of the field . . . very cool that Lauren is part of the "Friday Nigth Lights" atmosphere that is serious high school football. Being IR alumni, Teresa and I get into following the Braves, who have built a pretty good program again. We had a big Braves crowd and Lauren did good. It's surreal watching her do "rowser" . . . a cheerleader celebration dance done to a song played by the band everytime IR scores. The same "rowser" that was played and danced after every touchdown when Teresa and I were in high school. Sort of an IR tradition . . . and Lauren's front and center leading it now. The team lost 14-7 . . . very respectable against the Crabbers. We should have won . . . 2 really bad calls, which you expect at Hampton.

They are quite the football good ol' boys over there. $3 for parking. A crazy golf cart with lights, air horns and stuff on it made obnoxious noises all night on their side. After one touch down, some fireworks shot off in the neighborhood behind the stadium!

Deep Creek is up next Friday, at their place, and they are almost as crazy as Hampton. Then, it's Great Bridge at home. Should be fun. They're our old rivals and Lauren has a bunch of church friends at Great Bridge. Hope we beat 'em pretty good!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Blog Reflections

By Chris
I just started this family blog a few weeks ago. At the time, Teresa had to be pushed into her first entry. Now, she's become darn prolific in her bloggin', making me look bad. Did you notice she had a picture of a parking space at Wal-Mart, for crying out loud! The bloggers who convinced me to jump into the bolgosphere (bet some of you didn't realize that's where you are) said it would change how we communicate (communications is my expertise after all, and if this is the big new thing in communications I would be negligent in not being involved here!). They said give it a few months and you'll be thinking about starting sub-blogs off your main blog. On sports. On politics. On kids. All kinds of sub categories could shoot up, they said. Maybe so. Now, I've been asked to talk to some folks, as a communicator, about my thoughts on the blogosphere and public communications. So, a test run here should help. Thanks for enduring my philosophical walking through. I welcome comments that might help me look good.

It has changed us. I'm pretty sure that, with a little more commitment to this realm, we could get interpersonal communication down to a minimum. No need to repeat the stories and recap the day to each other. Just read the blog. Perhaps I could log my dinner suggestions by noon everyday and eliminate that awkward "what do you want for dinner" conversation. Kids being bad . . . no need for a dramatic yellin' match around 5:30. Just tell on 'em on the blog, and Dad will jump right on it. The latest in-laws drama usually takes at least 20 mins. a night to catch up on (I've been given the clearance by those involved to roll out the in-laws drama, particularly the interesting saga that is my sister-in-law's life). Well, let's just put it here and save the time! "Honey, how was your day," . . . . "Read the blog!" How efficient. Get the kids bloggin and we may not really need to speak to them too much either! "Hey . . . kill that chatter about your life. Can't you just stick it on the blog!"

Anyone who knows me well (and there aren't many who do) can surely picture me loving blog-a-fied world. I hate answering the phone, no matter who it is, and find conversation a tedious communication experience much of the time. I'm likely to slip out of a group dinner or gathering before anyone notices I'm there to avoid the tedious conversation of people who don't really care what the other is saying. And I would do just about anything to avoid masses of people hugging each other. Personal space is big with me. So, you'd think I would be for the blogosphere replacing lots of our interactions. I'm told there are millions of these blogs now. CEO's and high school kids have them. The big-time bloggers are gaining legendary status in some circles. They call themselves the "A-List" bloggers. But, I think some of them overstate the power of the blogosphere in society (while, in fairness, many of them do not, and have a healthy blog perspective). Even people like me will want to hear the voices of people, experience their expressions and take in body language as part of our communication experiences in life. The unique texture of a paper communication experience will remain important . . . even to the next generations. Sure, television news is down, but reality television and tv in general far exceed the impact of the blogosphere by millions, and millions. And, among the more popular bloggin' trends are those that lead to groups of bloggers meeting up with each other. So, alas, I think I'll still look forward to HEARING Teresa's recap of the day. I'll always crave chat with the kids, telling me what happened to them, over a blog experience of the same. Hours in the blogosphere every day will not break my considerable addiction to television, radio, magazine and newspaper news.

Yeah, I guess I will say something like this to the esteemed group. Hope I'm on target.

Lauren's Driving Huh?

By Chris
Girls are soo different than boys. Licensed and insured, Lauren will not drive yet. Of course, if she would, it would be our obligation to ensure she has a safe and reliable means of transportation, at a reasonable payment. I'm thinking a blue 2002 Honda would be a good deal for her. I happen to have one of those. That, of course, would mean I'd have to sacrifice and shake some car dealer down for a good deal on new wheels for me. Some things come to mind. ahh, what to do. I really love the smoth reliable Accord. But a little muscle would be pretty nifty too. Here's what I'm thinking about. . . Ben would be excited either way, I bet. But he would totally freak out over the Charger. It has a HEMI, after all.

Let's Go Braves! #1

by teresa
Tonight is the first Indian River football game. Unfortunately, it is and away game at Hampton High. Lauren was very excited. They had to wear their uniforms to school today, so I took a picture so you could see how cute she looked.

Filler up

by teresa
I finally had to get gas in the Chrysler this morning. We rented it last Friday, so it took a week for me to use the whole tank up. So, on the way to drop off Nick and Lauren at school, I went to citgo. It took a minute for a pump to be free and then I pulled up to one. I cut of the car, opened the door, and went to push the gas door button.... No button! Maybe it's a lever on the floor by my seat.....No lever! Hey , maybe there is a switch in the glove box to open it.....No switch! How the heck do I open this thing? Nick is laughing at me, Lauren is embarassed because by now, I have been circling the car for 10 minutes. People are coming and going and I'm still sitting ther with my head stuck up under my seat looking for WHATEVER opens the gas tank door! We even checked the owners manual, and it had nothing about opening the gas tank. Finally, this contruction worker guy notices my frustration, and walks towards my car after he pays for his gas. "This is a rental car", I say. "I havn't had to put gas in yet, so I don't know where the button is." He was very nice. He told me, sometimes there is a switch in the trunk. So I popped it, and looked in. As soon as my head was in the trunk I hear the man say, "I opened it". WHAT? HOW? WHAT DID YOU DO? Nothing, he says. I just pushed the gas door.....and it popped open. I felt like a complete idiot! I never thought to just pull it open. He was kind enough to not laugh at me to my face. I thanked him, and pumped away.


by teresa
Last night, Lauren came in to our room for something and we noticed something large and colorful on her leg. Upon asking, she told us that she cut her leg shaving. It was bleeding too bad for a regular bandaid, she says, so she folded up some paper towels and attached them to her leg with file folder labels. Can you picture that? Paper towels and red and white labels......Good grief!

Day three

by teresa
Day three went great for all the kids. Nick went to school with no worries, he got some more smiles, and the cafeteria served burritos for lunch. So all was right in his world! Lauren had a long day with school and the a JV football game she had to attend for cheering. We didn't see her until around 8:45pm. Then she had to take a shower so I could roll her hair(her cheer coach has a mandatory spiral curls on game day rule), eat dinner, and do her homework. We don't know what time she ever got to bed. Ben said school went great. His class went to the library and he was excited to learn that he could get 2 books every week(last year was only 1 per week). He picked out a book called Taxi dog. Of course. Every book he ever gets is either about dogs or cars. So this book is the perfect choice. The second book was about cats, which he informed me was for his nanny Jackie to read to him(she loves cats).

Look out!!

by teresa
Look out Chesapeake drivers.....Lauren Green is now a liscensed and insured driver. Although, she is still too scared to drive by herself anywhere. Chris says when he is out of town, she could use his car.

Soccer practice

by teresa
We had our first soccer pratice on Wenesday. It's always fun to meet the new kids. At ages 5 & 6 they are so energetic and eager to learn. We have a great time. Chris was out of town, so Katy and I ran the practice together. I wish you could have seen her. She strapped Kaden on her chest in one of those snugli things, and then got to coaching. You should have seen her doing jumping jacks. Kaden loved all the movement and was quiet through the entire hour. Our next practice is Saturday, and Chris will lead it. So I guess there won't be as many...."Good job sweetie"......."You can do it honey"......"That was a wonderful kick sweetheart" as there were when the women were running it.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


by teresa
Well, when Lauren got home yesterday, she informed me that she needs yet another binder. Good grief....I already purchased the entire binder aisle at Office Depot! Her orchestra teacher requested that the students have a black binder with 50 sheet protectors in it for the music. Of course none of the binders I purchased were black. So I started a list. Number binder, Number 2...sheet protectors. Lauren also informed me that she didn't sleep very well last night because the springs in her mattress were poking her back. She really does need a new mattress soon, but for the time being I figure one of those foam toppers might help. Number 3...foam mattress pad. After I dropped off all the kids at school, I came home and fiddled around the house(make beds, unload dishwasher, do tub of clothes, feed dog,etc.) I went to make a drink and sit down and read the paper(and when I say read the paper, I mean do the crossword puzzle and read the comics), and found there was no soda! Noooooooooooooo! I need sooooooodaaaaa! Since we have been on this diet, I have had to cut the juices and milk out. So that fruity water and diet soda are what I drink. Number cherry vanilla dr. pepper(a case). Well now that my list is up to 4 things, I guess I need to hit the store. Now where should I go? Somewhere that would have all the things I need under one roof. Can you say WALMART? But do I dare? I mean it is 9:00am and the kids will be home at 2:30pm. I may not get home in time. hahahaha. Come on, you know it's true. they may have the lowest prices in town, but you ain't getting out of there in under 4 hours. I decided to chance it and go. Well, when I pulled in the parking lot I was amazed to see that it was only half full! Can you believe that? Normally you could come at 2:00am and still have to park back by the bus stop. I parked in the fourth space from the door and there were spaces all around me! Was there a bomb threat called in our something that I didn't hear about? Anyway, I took a picture to capture this miracle for all to see. It's right up there with the red sea parting and the water into wine thing. I hope you are as moved by it as I was.

See the empty spaces? Look how close I am to the front door!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Day Two

by teresa
Today went a little more smooth than yesterday. Ben still got up grumpy, but he ended up being in a good mood by the time the bus came. Yes people....the bus came! The right place! The right time! This made me very happy because this kept my morning on schedule. Then, Nick popped out of bed again in a great mood. Two days in a row. That must be a record! He was eager to get to school and earn some more "smiles". Which he did by the way. Good job Nicky! He also came home and asked me to write a note to give to his teacher tomorrow, telling her that I give my permission to let him stay after school sometimes to help her around the classroom. He tells me there are several odd jobs he feels he could help her with. That's my Nicky. Lauren........well she was Lauren. She never really has a problem with anyone or anything. She did do something very un-lauren today though. She had cheering practice until 6:00pm and I had soccer practice from 6:00-7:00. So after practice was over, she walked to the library and did her homework and then I picked her up on the way to church. You see, Lauren does not like the library. Lauren says reading is boring. Can you believe that?? This hurts me deeply, since it is my favorite place to be! And my favorite thing to do. I guess it's just not the coolest teenager hangout. Whatever.

The perfect binder

by teresa
This is a picture of Nick with his new binder for school. He came home yesterday with a new list of supplies for his class. Nevermind the $60 worth he already got. He told us he needed a binder for looseleaf paper and tennis balls(his teacher wants them for the bottoms of their chairs.....whatever). After searching, I found this binder and thought is was perfect for my Nicky. It is a photo binder. Nick takes "reminders" of us to school everday to keep him from getting too nervous when he is away from home. Sometimes it's a piece of my jewelry, or one of Chris' business cards, or whatever is going to work at that particular time. But now, he can just pull of his binder and see all of us smiling back at him whenever he need a little boost!


by teresa
After a long day at school, Ben takes a nap with Shorty on the couch. I guess his 6:30am wake up time is taking a toll.


by teresa
Katy's kids love pancakes. But as you know, it takes alot of time to make them. Free time is something Katy has not had much of in the past month. Having a 6yr old, 4yr old, and a 1 month old keeps you pretty busy. Well, Kai and Kristian wanted them for breakfast. Katy had Kaden down for a nap, but knew she would be waking any moment. So, she agreed to make them, but needed to hurry. She said she got everything out, mix up the ingredients, warmed the pan, and made the pancakes(2 each child), then cleaned everything up and put away the pan. She heard Kaden waking up so she hurriedly poured on the syrup. The kids said they wanted cinnamon and sugar too. So she ran to the cabinet, got it out and sprinkled away. Then she went to toss the plates on the table and she smelled something funny. Kaden was screaming by now, so quickly she smelled the her haste she had put garlic powder all over the food instead of cinnamon. Gross! So she got everything out again and made 4 more pancakes. Good grief! I think I would have just tossed a couple of poptarts at them and told them to try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day one

by teresa
The first day of school has came and went without incident(if you don't count the bus ordeal). Only 179 more to go. Lauren had a great day. Lots of friends in her classes and lunch bell. She was very chatty about it when we picked her up from cheering practice after school. Ben had a good day too. He said his teacher was very nice and had a contest where they could earn big rewards for good behavior. This made Ben very happy! A contest! Ben is all about turning everything into a competition, why should school be any different? And then there was Nick. The one we all worry about. Will he be nervous? Will he get scared? Will he get his feelings hurt? Will he need to call me to get through the day? I kept waiting for my phone to ring. The office calling to tell me they have Nick in there with them and he is upset. The office staff got to know me pretty good last year, that's for sure. call! Nick had a great day. He said, "mom, my teacher smiles alot" and "she gives a smiley face to you everytime you are caught being good". He got three already. Of course! He is anxious to go back tomorrow. This is wonderful. We will just keep taking it one day at a time.

New Bus Driver and First Day Stuff

By Chris.
You have to know something about Teresa, to appreciate this. She is all about her kids. I don't care who you are, you really ought to make sure you treat her babies right. Teachers, principals, coaches . . . they all hear and see her often as she makes sure everything is just so when a little Green is in the mix. Her daytimer is full of details, mostly about keeping the little Greens straight, and the people who touch their lives. Special notes and gifts for teachers. Check. Exact bus routes and times. Check. Special instructions for teachers. Check. It's all in there.

So, it was pretty fun to tell her this morning that Ben's bus drove by BEFORE she had the child outside. "What, it's not supposed to start until 7:10 and it's only 7:06," she said as we stood in the yard. Can't really have the little precious out too long in those 70-degree morning, don't you know! Teresa, who somehow already had the transportation department number dialed up, was of course going to try to get that bus to come back and get her baby, who loves the bus. Alas, she was told she would have to drive him two blocks to the school this day. I was sure the bus driver would get a little talk at dropoff time this afternoon. Then, it got even funnier! Teresa, at the street looking this time, saw the new bus driver cruise right past the house . . . with Ben still on board. Baby Ben didn't get off at the corner stop, because he never had to. See, with the old bus driver, Teresa had the lady bend the rules and drop off her boy at the house, not the corner. Poor boy was so spoiled, he didn't know to get off at the stop, CLOSEST to his house. Teresa waived at the poor new man driving the bus, who just kept going. So she chased him down in her newly-rented Chrysler 300 . . . she must have really looked like a piece of work chasing the bus in that macked out car! She says it took several blocks . . . everytime he stopped, she couldn't get to the bus before he pulled off again. If Ben saw it, he would have been rolling. Nick would have freaked out.

I'm pretty sure he won't be early tomorrow or forget to get Ben off that bus on Hazel Avenue, lest momma Green have to chase his butt down again!

First day of school

by teresa
The day has finally arrived!! The first day of school!! I survived the summer!! The morning went pretty good too. Ben was hard to get up, but I expected that. He has been sleeping in everyday till 10am, so waking up at 6:30am is going to take him some time to get used to(grumpy). Nick popped right up and got dressed quickly(we had picked out clothes last night). He came down and ran next door to my mom's for breakfast. She had promised him his favorite breakfast this morning(cream of wheat). Ben wanted to eat breakfast at school, so he just had a drink(still grumping ). Lauren came down looking really good. She had showered last night and straightened her hair. It is really getting long! Ben finally got off the couch to brush his teeth and get his shoes on(still grumping). The paper said his bus route was to begin at 7:10, so when the bus rolled by our house just as we were opening the door at 7:03 that did not help to improve Ben's mood. He is the only one of our kids that rides the bus. He loves the bus! then I reminded him that I could just take him to school in the new Chrysler 300(our rental car that we got until my car is repaired from the accident) and he perked right up. He was fine after that. Once I got back from taking Ben, Nick said he was ready to roll. So without hesitation(or chance for him to change his mind) we hopped in the car and dropped him off. Lauren was ready to leave when I got back from taking Nick. Nervous, but ready. she says that she worries she won't find someone to talk to as soon a s she walks in school. You know you can't just be walking down the hall alone or you'll look like a loser or something. Good grief!! Of course none of them left before getting a picture taken in front of our family tree. We have taken this same shot of each of our kids on their first days of school. It is neat to look back and see how much they grow from one year to the next.

Dryer sheets???

by teresa
This is a picture of my neighbor Geri. She is the nicest lady you could ever meet and she loves to be in her garden. In this picture, you can see that she clips dryer sheets to her clothes to keep away the mosquitos. I think that is pretty resourceful. She says it works great. So remember, the next time your going outside for a walk or to the park....take along a few dryer sheets and some clothespins to keep the bugs away!


by teresa
My dad can fix anything. I really mean anything! If my air conditioner won't cut daddy! He'll have it freezing in my house again in no time. If my faucet is daddy! He'll have that drip licked in two shakes of a lambs tail. If my car is making a funny daddy! He's under the hood fiddling with this and that, and before you know it there's no more noise. And if your walking outside and you lean on your porch post and knock it daddy! That's what happened to me yesterday. I leaned on the post to talk to my neighbors and the whole thing came down (the post not the porch). Dad was outside and came running. Within 10 minutes my post was back up and better that before. Thanks daddy. Your the best!!

The Last Hoorah

by teresa
Yesterday was Labor Day and our family(mom&dad, George&Jackie, Katy&crew, grandaddy Dyer) got together for a cookout pool party. With school starting the next day, the kids really needed a distraction. And the pool is getting pretty chilly, so they knew it might be the last time in it before mom and dad close it for the year. We set up the yard so we could eat outside and Nick set up the lawn darts and bases for the kids to play wiffleball. Chris had the grill
already and he had marinated some chicken and porkchops for us all to eat. Mom brought over some burgers and dogs to grill and Jackie brought a london broil to throw on. Do you think we had enough meat? Mom also brought spanish rice, and her famous beans with the hotdogs cut up in them. I made squash and Jackie whipped up a salad for everyone and Katy brought.........just kidding. We won't need to eat for a few days after that meal.

Church Picnic

by teresa
Sunday our family(kids and both sets of grandparents) drove out to Northwest River Park to join some of our church family for a picnic. It was organized by the Mayhues, one of the sweetest families you could ever meet. Man, was it a blast!! Bike riding, softball, horse shoes, a playground for the younger ones, a big hill that the kids(young and old) loved to ride their bikes down, and the best burgers and hotdogs in town. It's even nice just to sit and talk to folks you don't get to see that often. We really have a great bunch of families in our congregation. Our family has been talking about it ever since. It was mentioned that we may do it again in October. We wouldn't miss it for anything!!

Monday, September 05, 2005


by teresa
Chris needed to take something into work on Saturday, so me and the boys rode along just to get out of the house. After stopping by ACS he surprised us by driving to Waterside. We parked at the top of the lot(the boys love this), and walked out by the water. It was perfect weather and there were lots of boats out. We even saw a bride and groom strolling along together , before getting on a really beautiful yacht with all their guests waiting for them. The boys ran around and played tag, sat on top of some old cannons, and watched the Spirit of Norfolk come in to port. We even gave them some quarters to use those pay binoculars. Chris and I just sat on a bench and reminisced about all the dates we had there as teenagers. When the kids got bored, we went inside and had lunch at Jillians. Which is a great sports restaurant and video arcade. It was such a great treat for all of us! Chris and I even let our hair down for the afternoon and had bread with our burgers! Oooooooh!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

by teresa
Last night was Nick's first sparring class(friday night fights). It was very exciting. He did great! Being that it was his first class he was a little nervous. But, after the instructor pointed out that it was a first class for several others, you could see that Nick was more relaxed. The hour consists of 3 to 4 minute sparring matches(going on at the same time all over the dojo) where you pair up with someone and use all the hits, blocks, and kicks you have learned in class to kick some butt. After the time is up, they yell... switch, and you scramble around to another partner and do it all again. It looked very exhausting. Nick was giving as good as he was getting. Some really impressive combinations. After about 45 minutes you could see on Nick's face that he was wearing down. But, he stuck it out till the end and felt very proud of himself. When walking out to the car he asked if next time his Nanny Jackie could come watch him. We were happy to here that there was going to be a next time.

Summer Buddies

by teresa
Ever since kindergarden, Jason Trueblood has been spending fridays during the summer at house. This is something Nick always looks forward to. The days consist of playstation, bowling, bike riding, trips to 7-11, movies, food and of course the pool. They always enjoy themselves (and sleep well at night). The are both getting so big now. Nick going into 5th grade and Jason going to middle school this year! I can't believe this! It REALLY does go by sooooo fast! You parents know exactly what I mean.

Ben's Teacher

by teresa
Today Ben and I went to meet his new teacher. Her name is Mrs. Keagy and she has been at Norfolk Highlands(I went here too)a few years now. When he came in she asked his name and said all the desks had the names on them already so he could search the room for his. He found it and smilled to see that he was surrounded on all sides by girls. She also told him his name was all over the room, so he should hunt for all of them. He enjoyed this very much. He found them all(birthday board, cubby hole, bulletin board, etc.) He said,"there is my last name too"! But I told him it was just the color wall( That was cute. She was very nice and very pretty. That's always a good thing. He is really looking forward to all the changes first grade will bring. A new bus, getting to take a lunchbox(kindergarden was half day so he ate at home with me), being on the third floor of the school, PE class. I know Ben will do wonderfully. I just don't know how good mom is going to do.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Great Day . . . TheThings I Like To Say

By Chris
Our crew has been saying I should put something up about the things I like to say. They say they're funny . . . here are some :

Great Day: Say it with the wrong emphasis and it doesn't sound right. Used in a sentence: "Daddy, I made the cheerleading squad, and I need $300 tomorrow for some of the stuff. We don't have to pay for the jacket yet though." says daughter. "Great Day," says dad.

Skuuu!: Used when something embarrassing happened to someone. Used in a sentence: "I was on stage, and my skirt stuck in my butt" Skuu. (This is came from the gulf war, when Skud missiles were used. A buddy of mine was in the VA Tech Corps of Cadets, who picked up on the military lingo)

Ask Carry: Used when a kid asks you to do something for them, that they should do themselves. Used in a sentence: "Dad, I'm thirsty," says kid. "Well, I bet Carry will get that for you," says dad. "Carry who," says kid. "Carry your butt in the kitchen and get it yourself," says dad.

Nunya: Used when someone is trying to get in something they shouldn't be. "Dad, what are you and mom talking about in there," says kid. "Nunya." (which is understood at the Greens to mean "None of your business."

Don't start nothin', won't be nothin' : Fairly new one. Used when someone is about to do something provocative or stupid in general. Used in a sentence. "I'm going to go tell him just what I think about him (in anger)" or can be used at the first sign of a sibling getting ready to antagonize another one. Then I say . . . Don't sart nothin, won't be nothin. It comes from Will Smith in Men in Black.

Guess what, Chicken Butt: Used as a silly game with kids. The smart ones catch on pretty quick. Katy still falls for it, sometimes. Used in a sentence: "Hey Katy, you know what!" . . . "What?" . . . "Chicken Butt. Stupid, huh? Really is funny though when someone falls for it like ten times in a row though. Comes from an old Saturday Night Live skit.

What , huh: Use this to really aggrevate daughter, wife or sister-in-law when they are trying to tell you someting. "Chris, let's get a movie," says wife. "What honey (sincerely)," says me. "Let's get a movie," "Huh (leaning in for emphasis" . . . "I want to get a movie" . . . . "What?" . . . "STOP IT!!!!" Heheheheheheh. Sometimes I can get them to repeat themselves six or seven times before they get it. Although, Lauren is pretty hip to it now.

There's many more . . . . will put them up later.

Watch Out for That Car!!!

By Chris
At lunchtime today, I took Nick to get some gas for his weedwacker (Thursday is his busy day for lawn cutting). A block from the gas station, we spotted a car coming. On OUR side of the street. At first, it looked like she was going around a parked car. "Hmmm. She sure is taking a while getting over," I thought. She kept approaching, still on our side of the road. I slowed down a little, then alot. Honk the horn . . . hold on Nick. BAM! She didn't even slow down . . .until she hit us . . . going about 25 mph, which makes a pretty good jolt, and apparently makes plenty of noise. A bunch of people came out of their houses right away. Checked on Nick . . . he said he wasn't hurt, but I knew he would get upset. He worries about getting in car accidents and I was sure this was making him very uneasy. I got out to check on the lady who hit us. She had her eyes closed, hands on the wheel, unresponsive . . . but not really unconscious. Not really looking injured either, though. Fortunately, one of the people nearby was a hospital chaplain, who was very good with her . . . trying to talk to her and figure out what was wrong. Soon, a firetruck, ambulance and police were coming, sirens blowing, which attracted a big crowd from the neighborhood (we were still in Norfolk Highlands, our neighborhood. Teresa was there, and so was Jimmy, my father-in-law, by this point. We were a block away from my parents house, right in front of the elementary school. Within minutes, Nick had his former PE teacher and cafeteria worker giving him hugs . . . which he needed. Norfolk Highlands is neat like that. He hasn't been at that school for over a year, but they are close-knit in the neighborhood and the school, and they remembered him very well. Ends up that, apparently, the other driver had some type of diabetic episode, right as we were passing. The ambulance took her to the hospital. I told Teresa if we had passed there just one minute earlier, or later, the car would not have hit us. In typical Teresa form, she remembered that there were kids in the yard just past the collission, and that they are always out there. She said they were probably there when it happened, and if she had not hit us, she may kept going off the road and hit them. "And who knows what might have happened to her if she didn't hit you." She could have hit a tree, telphone pole, or house, even if she didn't hit the kids. True. Thank you, Lord! Nick and I are fine . . . just a little bit tight in my back. We'll pray that the young lady is o.k. and thank God that we are.

Ben came with Teresa to the scene, and he, of course, loved all the action with the emergency vehicls and crashed cars . . . right up his ally . . . a true Norfolk Highlands kid, I guess. Both cars were towed. Geico was very helpful, and we'll have a rental until everything is fixed.

And about Teresa, who loves her Caravan. She admitted that she was thinking all about us until she got to the driveway and realized I took her car . . . not mine. Hehehe.