Friday, March 31, 2006

by teresa
This is me for the last 48 hours!


by teresa
Tomorrow Lauren has to take her SAT's. She has never been one for long study sessions for tests. She cracks a book the night before a test. Sometimes the morning of (she gets that from her father). I do think she has done a couple of those online pretests though. So tomorrow...around 8:00am...throw out a few prayers her way. I know she will need them.


by teresa
I just found a gift on my front porch. I opened the door to get the kids off to school and there it was. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in all my 35 yrs. And on top of the gift was a note....that read...Love, Nanny Jackie and George (mom and dad-in law)! It was two tupperware containers filled with carrot cake cupcakes and cream cheese icing. They even have sprinkles on top. It was just what I needed! We have been on phase one for almost two weeks now. No bread, pasta, rice, sugar, potatos. No cheating whatsoever (except the doritos I ate at Katy's :) And I know some of you are probably like....I can't believe that woman brought over cupcakes to a dieting woman. But you should just mind your own business. Your just jealous! I really needed some carbs in a bad way. I was starting to forget my own name :) Chris said in the past few days, he would be talking to me and I would have this glazed look on my face. He said it was from the lack of carbs...but I was really just ignoring him. hehehehe

So (I know Jackie reads this blog) you Jackie...I say thanks! I say this (with cupcake crumbs in my lap) from the bottom of my stomach...I mean heart!

the sock wars are over!!...or are they?

by teresa's over. Chris brought in the sock and put it in the hamper. Yeah! I won!

Then (of course) as we were getting ready for bed last night he took of his socks and tossed them in the hallway...and then smiled at me.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

sock saga part 4

by teresa
OK...this is getting ridiculous. The phone rang a few minutes ago, and when I went into the livingroom to answer it...this is what I found. Chris had put one of his dirty socks on the phone. Yuck! The question this the same sock I put on his car? Did he find it before he left for work and then bring it in the house and put it on the phone. Or is this the missing sock from the stairs? Hmmmm

*Update* I just talked to Chris and he definitely hasn't found the sock on his car yet. hehehehehehe The sock on the phone is the sock from the stairs!

sock saga part 3

by teresa
Before I left for my Mothers in Touch meeting this morning I attached Chris' dirty sock to the grill of his Honda. hehehehehehe I wonder if he noticed it before he left for work. When I talked to him after my meeting and before I went into Ben's school...he didn't mention it. So I'm hoping it made it to work. Here's a picture.

He's probably reading this at work right now....and running out to the parking lot to remove it. hehehehehe

sock saga part 2

by teresa
Well...I still can't find that sock from the stairs. But this is what I found when I went to crawl under the covers last night. Chris' dirty sock on my pillow. YUCK! He is such a knucklehead...I woke him and told him so too. I asked him where the other one was...he just smiled and rolled over. Grrrrrrr! I'm still on the look out.

Picture of his sock on my pillow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

silence is my friend

by teresa

Ben...(from the bathroom)...MOOOOMMM...I need heeelllppp!

Me...(sitting quietly at computer)


Me...(sitting still..shhhh, if I don't move maybe he will think I went next door)

Ben (still from the bathroom)....DAAAADDDYYY....I need HEEELLPP!

Me...YES!!(to myself)

Chris...(sitting in livingroom watching tv) What? Help? (sits and ignores)

Ben...DAAADDDYYY...come here now!!!

Chris...Great! (gets up...goes in bathroom...comes out like 10 minutes later looking a little woozy)


diet update

by teresa

Stuck at six pounds!


by teresa
Tonights the American Idol elimination show. I wonder who will get the boot. Nobody was all that great last night. I still like Taylor, Mandisa, Chris, Katherine and Paris. The surprise of the night was Bucky. I loved his performance more than anyone elses. That song was perfect for him. cutie kinda loosing his appeal. He may look good...but his singing is just so so. I think Lisa or Ace or Eliot will be cut tonight. I'll be tuning in.

b-ball in the backyard

by teresa
Chris and the boys are shooting around in the backyard. Look at our crazy...uneven...aggregate (ouch) driveway. I don't know if any of you have aggregate paving around your house. But let me tell you, it is not forgiving on kids knees when they fall down. I have been getting estimates this week on getting it repaved. Of course Chris wants to add ALOT more on in the back for a real basketball court. We had it measured out and it will be around 2,000+ sq ft. of paving. Good grief!! If you know of anyone reliable you have used...give me a heads up.


By Chris

I like to think that I'm a pretty young, hip dad. We were such younger parents than most, that the youthful self-image has just sort of sunk in, I guess. Reality check! Last night we were wrapping up soccer practice. Following us onto the parallel field was a team coached by these guys who have worked in our leagues for several years. They're two young dudes . . . pretty hip looking . . . and we always comment how neat it is that these young men are out there coaching multiple teams . . . who always seem to be having fun. Somewhere in my head, I guess I was thinking "Hey . . . they're like me. Young guys enjoying working with little kids." As I was packing up last night . . . one of them addresses me, very sincerely: "Mr. Green . . . . " What? Who's Mr. Green? Coach Green . . . yes. Coach . . yes. Coach Chris. . . even better. Chris . . .that sounds young. But MR. GREEN. Ouucchhh . . . a hit to the self image! Am I really MR. Green now? No way. So, I broke out some old pictures and awards this morning that I keep at the office. Turns out, between basketball and soccer, this is something like the 16th team I've coached. How did that happen? Some of those first little girls I coached are now getting ready for college. OH MYYY. I guess I am Mr. Green.

sock saga

by teresa
Last night before I went to bed I noticed that one of the socks (referring to yesterdays post) was missing. I asked Chris...did you put your sock away? He just grinned and said....I put it....somewhere. The other sock is still sitting against the wall as of this morning. But I have no idea where the sock from the stairs is. I keep checking if he has attached it to my backside or something. He is such a goober!

everybody was kung fu fighting......hiyaa

by teresa
Yesterday in Karate class Ben got his red belt (in little dragons). That means only one more belt (black) and he is in the main class. Once he graduates to the main class...he will automatically recieve his orange belt, because of all he has had to complete in little dragons. The color ranks are white, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, brown, brown/black stripe, black. So he will be well on his way to black :) Nick is on green about to test for purple. I took some cute shots during class. One is him practicing his kicks, the second is his class bowing to him after he recieved his belt, and the third is him posing for me after class.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

he's a playa

by teresa
Conversation with Nick

Nick: Mom...guess what? I got chosen to go to a field day at ODU next month.

Mom: Cool. How did you get chosen?

Nick: The PE teacher chose 2 people from each class to go. She chose 2 girls in from my class. But she eneded up having an extra open spot, so she offered it to me.

Mom: That sound so fun honey. Who are the 2 girls she chose in your class.

Nick: Ameshia and Deserea

Mom: Oh...are they nice?

Nick: Yes! Very nice!

Mom: Are they pretty?

Nick: Yes! Very pretty!

Mom: Are they Raven pretty? *side note* Nick thinks Raven Symone from the Disney channel show is the prettiest girl he has ever seen!

Nick: Ameshia is....but I like someone else.

Mom: Really? Who?????

Nick: A girl name Taylor who was in my class last year. I see her every morning at breakfast. I really like her...but I haven't told her yet.

Mom: Hmmmm

Nick: should I tell her?

Mom: I don't know honey.

Nick: I think I'm going to tell her tomorrow at breakfast! Yep...tomorrow at breakfast. She should know.

People...that girl better not be mean to my baby boy! You know how snotty girls can act...especially infront of their friends. Even if they like a boy...they will still act mean to his face. I'll have to update ya'll with the details if he goes through with it.
Here's a picture of Nick's dreamgirl Raven.

oh..he thinks he's so funny

by teresa
Last night as Chris and I lay on the couch watching tv he called for Lauren to bring him a couple of allergy pills. He took them and accidentally dropped the wrappers on the carpet. I motioned to the floor and he said...Oh, I'll pick it up later. I said...yeah right, sure you will. They will still be there tomorrow morning. He said...good, then YOU can pick them up. I said...I am NOT picking them up...they can just stay there forever! We both giggled about this and went to bed. Oh, by the way...I forgot to mention his dirty socks were on the floor next to the wrapper. So this morning I got up and did my little routine in the bathroom, came down with some laundry and rounded the corner to see that wrapper..and those socks. I left them there and went about my business with the kids. I got the kids to school, went to the grocery store and when I came home he was coming down to leave for work. We chatted for a few minutes, then I reminded him of his "mess" in the livingroom. Oh yeah...he said. And he rounded the corner to take care of his mess. I went in the bathroom to dry my hair and a few minutes later I hear him say...bye honey. So I come out of the bathroom and excort him to the door. Just as he's walking out I turn and notice some trash on the stairs. It's that stupid wrapper. What the heck? CHRIS..I yell. Get back in here. He comes in laughing. He says..I was hoping you would not see that until I had left for work. He said he was just going to keep putting it in funny places and never in the trash. but I spoiled it by finding it right away. So he took it...and put it in the trashcan. Just as he was walking out to the car for the second time I asked..oh yeah. Where are your dirty socks? He says...I put them in the hamper upstairs. Right...I thought. I don't think he even knows where our hamper is! Anyway..I take him at his word and let him leave and finish getting ready. I was just about to walk out the door for school and I remembered I had left my watch upstairs on our dresser. As I'm going up the stairs I notice something on the top stair. It's his stupid dirty sock!! And over in the corner of the hall (in a ball) in his other stupid dirty sock!! He is such a knucklehead! He thinks he is funny...but I am NOT picking up those socks! I wonder how long they will sit there. Or I need to think of something creative (and embarrassing) to do with them. hehehehehe Here's the pictures.


by teresa
Today will be very busy. I just got back from the grocery store. I have to leave in an hour to go to Ben's school till noon...then off to Nick's school to meet his class in the book fair. The spring book fair (buy one book get one free) is set up all week at school, but his class goes down today at 12:30. Then home to finish the ever growing laundry. Ben is going to the afternoon (3:30-4:00) karate class (he is getting his next belt)....then home for dinner (crockpot) practice at 5:30...and math and science night from 6:30-7:30 at Ben's school. I am also cooking dinner for a family at church (The Batten's). Momma Batten (Melanie) had surgery last week, so the ladies of the church are taking turns making meals for their family (Lauren's ring dance date(Hunter) is in this family). So I have doubled up on the chicken florentine in the crockpot...made a salad...and bought them an Entemens rasberry cream cheese cake (*sigh*). I'm going to have Lauren run the food over while we are at soccer practice. So have a great tuesday!! I'll talk at you later.

Monday, March 27, 2006

don't hate me because I'm beautiful....

by teresa
I had to post this photo. Kristian looks like she's straight out of a Gap Kids ad. Too cute! We love our beautiful princess Kristian! The Ugg boots are too cool!

Some Enchanted Evening....

by teresa
Yesterday was the best day I have had in a long time!'s not beacuse I was free from my husband and children all day. But that didn't hurt! (just kidding honey) Me, Jackie, Mom, Katy, and Grandaddy all drove to one of the local Universities (Christopher Newport) and saw South Pacific...the Rogers and Hammerstiens musical. One of the girls from our church attends the school and was the STAR of the play(Nellie Forbush). I love musicals! As a kid I watched many of them over and over and over! We didn't have a I would record them on my tape player (sitting infront of the tv). Then I would listen to the show over and over singing along. I did this with South Pacific, Oklahoma(Oh what a beautiful mornin..oh what a beautiful day..), Oliver(please sir...I want some more..), My Fair Lady(I'm a good girl..I am), and a few others. I knew every line! So going yesterday was a huge treat. And Sterling (that's the girls name...isn't it cool) was amazing...the whole cast was amazing. And the best part....her leading man (Emile) was her boyfriend in real life. So that made it even more perfect. Now I will be getting on everyones nerves because I can't stop singing the songs from the show. You KNOW in the shower this morning I was singing....I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair.

What are Lenses Made Of?!?!

By Chris

Teresa already wrote about my sunglass lens falling out in the car. Well, after three searches of the car, including one yesterday where I completely removed all the mats, cleaned every inch, moved the seats every way they can go and even vacuumed and checked the debris . . . I can't find the stupid missing lens. The car is really, really clean . . . but no lens. And it feels like my eayes are going to explode driving around without them. I think the regular glasses act as magnifiers for the sunlight . . . and I can't take them off because I can't see straight without them (ugghh, I'm getting old!). It makes no sense that I can't find it. I know it fell off in the car. Teresa even looked. Oh, well. I have a slightly updated prescription since I got the sunglasses, so it wouldn't hurt to get new lenses anyway. I stopped by the eye shop first thing this morning, handed over my frames - one lense in and one out- and started the transaction. The technician pulled my records.

Tech: You have a new prescription since you got these. Would you like your old prescription or your new one?

Me: Uhhh. The new one?? (Why would I want the old one. I thought about saying: I actually like my sight being slightly off while driving, so I'll take the old one please.)

Tech: O.k. So, would you like to replace both lenses.

Me: Well . . . yes (again, am I missing something? Don't you need them to synch up, match or something? One old prescription and one new. Yikes. Wouldn't that make you cross-eyed or something. I clearly don't understand vision correction).

With the crucial information gathered, she writes up a bunch of stuff, looks up two or three things in a binder and on the computer and runs in the back room for a second. What was she doing? I noticed one thing she looked at had my name and some mumbo - jumbo insurance information. Maybe it said something like "he doesn't know anything about this, so you can charge him a lot!" Then she whipped out the calculator and said . . . . $160! What! Maybe I will take just one lens. I remember the actual glasses were pricey when purchased, but I thought surely that was mostly the stylish titanium frames (co-worker calls them my FBI G-man look). What could I do though? The geeky clip-on-your-regular-glasses things are dirt cheap, and probably work similarly. But, I really can't roll like that. I mean, not with my Star Treck Bluetooth ear piece. It wouldn't be right. "We need half to get started," Tech lady says. Ha! I bet you do. I get out the check card and say "take it all now", acting like a high roller with my lenses that cost more than I used to make in several days in college. In fairness, they have always been real good to us, and reasonable. I'm probably still ahead lifetime with this group over the old mall eye people I used to use. So, they'll be in "in a couple of days" since they have to order them for these particular frames.

And, just when I thought I was the stupidest cutomer of the day (lost a lens in a car), a lady comes in with some very crooked glasses on her head (and a bluetooth earpiece, in public, as I have been warned not to do). Other tech lady almost laughs when she says "How can I help you" (probably thinking: "oh my, how in the world did your glasses get so jacked-up like that, and why are you still wearing them."). "I need to get these adjusted," lady says, with a straight face. Ha! Adjusted. These things looked like a truck ran over them. The tech holds them up to the light and says "ooooooo kaaaaaayyyy." A long pause. Then she says "What happened?" (that's clearly not everyday wear that gets things that crooked). "I fell down," the lady responds. I bet she waan't paying attention because she was talking through that Bluetooth earpiece! I told her "that's o.k." . . . and explained my stupid eyeglass story. I bet they get her for more than $160.

So, lesson of the day? If you own an eye shop, it pays to have goofy, clumbsy customers.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hands-On Soccer Fan

By Chris

Having moved up to the "big field" this year, Teresa and I talked about how fun it would be to just go and watch a soccer game with cousin Kai playing in the Tiny Tot league. You know, sit in the stands. Chit chat. Clap now and again. That's what "just fans" do, right? Well, I look up about a minute into quarter number one and Teresa is pacing the sidelines, cheering on Kai and giving helpful instructions, uttered loudly, to sis-in-law's team. "Don't stop . . . Go to the ball . . . get on the line . . . " I was like, "Besides Kai, those kids are going to be thinking, 'who's that crazy lady yelling at me? ' " Teresa claims she can't help it. Kai's her baby just as much as Ben and Kristian, who she coaches, and she's got the need to encourage, if you know what I mean. I said something to her during the game, and sis-in-law snaps back at me . . . "She's helping!" Hehehe. I've seen this before. It's admirable, really. Sis-in-law, mom-in-law and wife are a tight group. They stick together like birds of a feather. So if sis-in-law and cousin Kai are taking the field, so is Teresa!

Lions vs. Tigers (oh my)

by teresa
Cousin Kai (the Lions)had his first game this morning. The teams in his league are 5 & 6 yr. olds. So the games are basically a big bunch of kids following the ball just kicking at random. Taking it from their own team mates and whoever gets in the way. It's pretty cute. They did really well! They lost (the score was 2 to 1). But...had several "almosts". The kids had a great time....and that's what matters most. Here are some pictures of Kai's debut.

Game One: Strikers vs. Tornados

by teresa
Our first soccer game of the season was this morning. The score was six to zero. WE WON! It was soo exciting! Ben and another boy scored twice each, and then two mores kids each scored once each. Kristian did wonderful too. She played goalie one quarter and defender once and frontline once. She got in a lot of great kicks! My voice is hoarse from screaming...I mean cheering. And we even had four kids out sick. So everybody (except one kid) had to play all four quarters! And it was cold too! But they really hung in there and I am so proud of them. Here's a picture from half time when they were sitting and having oranges.

Now we are off to Kai's game. It's his first time playing (and Katy's first time coaching without us) and we are excited to see how he(and she) will do. I'll post some pics. later.

not a morning person

by teresa

Conversation between Ben and I right before 7:00am this morning. He was still asleep in his bed and I had gone in his room to make Nick's bed (he gets up early everyday) pick out their outfits for the day and put away some clean clothes (trying to be quiet the whole time).

Ben: Mom?

Me: Yeah, baby?

Ben: Have you ever heard of Saturday?

Me: Huh?

Ben: It's a day off the weekend...when I don't have to be up yet! (grrrr)

Me: Sooooooooorrrrry!

Friday, March 24, 2006

sitting in the nosebleed section...

by teresa
I have had nosebleeds since I was little. Mom took me to many doctors for it. But nothing ever helped. They have lessened as I got older...but I still have a couple a week. My kids have all inherited this wonderful oddity from me. Lauren used to have one daily in Primary school. At first the school nurse would freak out...then they didn't even pay it much attention because it happened so much. Nick has one every now and again. But Ben...poor Ben has them alot. It wasn't that big a deal at first when they would occur at school. It's the same school nurse from when Lauren they know...if it's a Green kid...their gonna have to deal with nosebleeds. But the past few weeks he has had several a day at school and they take like an hour to stop. Yesterday he had 3. We finally just had to go pick him up. The nurse suggested I take him to his doctor and see if maybe he has a sinus infection. Whatever! So I made an appointment for this afternoon. I had to pick him up from school because his nose started bleeding right when it was time to get on the buses. Good grief!! The doctor checked him out and said she thinks it has worsened the past few weeks because of allergies (lots of his nosebleeds start with him sneezing). She told me to give him a claratin every morning and also suggested taking some Afrin nose spray and cuetips to the nurse at school. She said if you spray it on the cuetip and rub it on the inside of his nose the bleeding with stop instantly. Okay?? I've never heard of that one before...but I'll try anything. He has to stop missing so much class time. Here's some pictures at the pediatrician's office.

First Game Alert

by teresa
Last night was our last practice before the game on Saturday. We scrimmaged the other team that practices at our same field. And...not trying brag or anything...Ben scored a goal right away! Yeah for Ben! He looked so proud and confident...I love that. Our other two never really gave a hoot about sports. Lauren played basketball for 6 for 4 of those years...and 4 seasons of softball. But she was never really into it. Never cared about the score or how she did. She is just too easy going! Nothing bothers her. Now she does love cheering (I guess that's a sport :)and is very good at it. To excel in sports you need to WANT IT!!! And that's what Ben has...a NEED to win! Now Nick on the otherhand...we signed him up for soccer once. ONCE! He wouldn't go out on the field without me. He didn't even make it to the first game. He will tell you....sports just isn't my thing. Although he loves Karate (no score). It's more his speed. He will tell you...I love to cook...cut grass and play the cello. That's my boy! So when we saw that animal instinct to DOMINATE in Ben....we were taken aback. Us...we have a kid that wants the ball? Wants to run fastest? Wants to score? It's exhilerating I tell ya! Anyway...our first soccer game is Saturday at 10:00 (at georgetown)...cousin Kai's game is at 12:00 at the same place. I will take loads of picks (while running up and down the field screaming :)

day five of my diet

by teresa
I have now lost 5 pounds. It has been a tough week, but soon my body won't crave the sweet stuff as much. Last night I was soooo hungry around 8:30pm. I hadn't eaten since the Shoney's visit. So I broke out a pan and cooked up some boneless, skinless chicken tenders. Then I wrapped them in boiled ham and cover it with swiss cheese. It was so yummy! And there is a ton left over for tonight. I really need to get in some more excercise. I don't think blogging burns off much fat. So I may have to get up from the computer and walk the dog or something :)


by teresa
Two days ago Chris was driving home from a meeting in Richmond. He said he got in the car...put on his on the phone(hands free)...and took off. He said he was only going for a minute when something happened. He felt weird...dizzy...his vision was blurry in his right eye. He kept on driving (dummy) hoping it would get better. He said it continued his entire trip home. Blurry...dizzy...and now nauseous. He pulled up to the house sat for a minute worried and looked in the mirror. People...are you ready for this? The man's eyeglass lens had fallen out! It had apparently popped out as he was putting them on back in Richmond. And he hadn't noticed. That's why his vision was blurry on one side and he was getting dizzy. DUH! They were prescription do you not notice the blazing sun shooting into one eye and not the other? It took him 2 days to tell me this because he felt so stupid. As soon as he told me I was like.....oooh that is soooo going on the blog!! He must have looked crazy to the other drivers passing by. Everytime I think of it, I crack up! He will never live this down!


by teresa
Mom gave Chris a Barnes and Noble gift card last week for his birthday. Yesterday he said to me....the book I want is at the library...why don't you use the gift card. Yippee! I love B & B! I keep a running list of books I want to buy from there....and I ALWAYS ask for giftcards for b-days and Christmas and mother's day. But I never thought I would get one for Chris' b-day. Last time I went I bought books for Nick and this time I went over to Ben's section. I picked out 6 great read aloud books. How did I choose you ask? I plopped my butt on the floor infront of those shelves (I ain't trying to squat for an hour) and looked at EVERY ONE they had (paperback only....I'm not trying to spend $15 on one kids book!). Ben had been talking about these books his teacher reads to them. How funny they were, and how much he would like some. I couldn't remember the name...I just knew it was a weird name. Then I came across it....Skippyjonjones. I snatched it up and looked for others...but they only had the first one. So I picked out 5 more and headed home (well I did pay first). When Ben got home and saw what was there he literally jumped for joy. Skippyjonjones....he shouted! I loooooove hime mom! Read it to me...and then I will read it to you (Ben reading aloud to soooo painful! S L O W ! ) So I did...and that book is a hoot! Hilarious names...funny voices...a little spanish mixed in. It is THE ULTIMATE READ ALOUD BOOK. I had to keep stopping because I was giggling. It is a story about a siamese cat who wants to be a chihuahua dog. Funny stuff people! Ben informed me that his teacher has the NEW book's called Skippyjonjones in the Dog House. And that it is even funnier than the first. So I MUST find this book! Anyway...if you have a kid whose age is between 2-8, find this book and read it to them. I'll have to get together a list of my most favorite read aloud books and post it later.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

ODU Wins

By Chris

Well . . . my Monarchs did it again. Won on national tv last night. Very exciting. Now, the boys live to play next week in New York at Madison Square Garden . . . the mecca of basketball in some people's minds. Teresa even watched the whole game with me. Of course, basketball guy friend called to live the last minute with me (had just hung up with our other basketball dude). We're so sad, saying stuff like: "Can you believe it" . . . "No, can you." (you'd think it was a real miracle, or something) "They better not blow it." "I can't wait to hear what Blaine (our coach) says on the radio" "I know, I need to go get in the car to listen to it, it doesn't come in in the house at night" "Can you get off to go to New York."

Meat Mania

by teresa
I am now on day 4 of my low carb diet (phase one). I am fiending for some SUGAR!!! I was so hungry this morning, that I had Chris take me to Shoneys....can you say all you can eat breakfast bar? Of course they had wonderful pancakes, donuts, biscuits and grits (yes grits...I do live in Va. don't ya know) calling to me. But I was a good girl! No sir...I piled eggs and MEAT on my plate. Lots and lots of scrambled eggs. And whatever meat they had on the bar. I didn't care...I just needed food! If meat is what I can have alot of....then meat it is!! They had bacon, sausage and chicken wings. heard me right....chicken wings! And yes I ate me some of those chicken wings. Eventhough it was only 9:00am.....I didn't care. I "winged it up". Now I know I can't eat like this everyday...I'm not trying to have a heart attack at 35! But for really hit the spot.

Groovy Granny!

by teresa
I saw the oddest thing while out running errands this afternoon. A big yellow hummer driven by a tiny old lady. I'm talking OLD...white haired...granny! It even had a handicapped license plate on it. She had those big black wrap around old people glasses on....and I swear she had to be sitting on phone books to reach the pedals. She pulled up next to me and I saw that she had on a pretty white turtle neck sweater and pearls. This really cracked me up and I couldn't believe I didn't have my camera on me!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


by teresa
Goodbye Kevin will be missed!

baby's best friend!

by teresa
Shorty the dog giving Kaden a smooch!

beam me up scottie

by teresa
Here's a picture of Chris leaving for work this morning.

He has his new blue tooth thingy on. I told him he is NOT allowed to wear this in the house. It gets on my nerves when people just walk around with them on. Even when they aren't talking to anyone. Or when they are wearing them in public (like the grocery store) and they are talking so loud, you think they are talking to you. They ask...what time is it? And you turn around and answer them only to find out they are speaking to someone else. Someone on their cool star trek ear piece. I have seen this on star trek! Look at this picture of Lt. tooth ear piece! I didn't realize my husband was a trekkie!

i can see...i can see

by teresa
I finally gave up looking for Lauren's missing glasses and ordered her a new pair. I had her pick them up today. She was not too happy about that. What do I say when I go in...she asked. You say....I am here to pick up my glasses. Duh! I love how her shyness comes and goes. If it's something I need her to do she's, I can't...I won't know what to do. But if it's something she wants forget about. She's all up in peoples faces..demanding this and that. I don't buy it anymore. I just have to insist she do things for herself. Teenagers! I wonder is she will be able to hang on to these glasses more than 6 months?

American Idol

by teresa
I enjoyed the show last night. I love 50's music, so that was a plus. Here are some of my thoughts...

Mandisa...SHE IS AWESOME! The girl can sing anything! And I was glad that the camera operators stayed on her front side. For a few weeks they have been shooting her alot from the back....and that's just wrong! I'm not trying to be's just not her best side!

Paris...she is a really great singer. I loved her song. Sometimes she can be just a little too cutsie for my taste.

Bucky...I liked his song, but I could hardly hear him at times. He looks like he is scared to death every week.

Chris...HE ROCKS! Defintley one of my favorites! He's got the Creed, Nickelback thing going on.

Lisa...I don't know why...but I don't like her very much. She's cute and peppy and can sing good. I just haven't felt that special something from her.

Katharine...hubby's favorite! I like her too...alot. I haven't like her outfits the past 2 weeks. Last weeks looked like a moo moo and this weeks made her look chunky. But she is a terrific singer...and great personality.

Kevin...aka chicken little....he is cute... and I even enjoy his singing (last week I found myself singing Part time Lover about a hundred times). I just don't think he has enough talent to win.

Kellie....I loved last nights song...but she looked nervous. She is very cute, but she need to stop babbling all the time. What was up with her and the pickle comments last night? I was like...just shut up!

Taylor...I love this guy! The best performer! He will be in the top 3 for sure. I still can't believe he is only 29. He looks way older that me!

Elliott...great singer...if you close your eyes. I'm sorry, that was mean! He just doesn't have the total package.

Ace...adorable!! *sigh* Good singer...loved his song last night! That high note at the end...phew! He has the total package!

the "both ends"

by teresa
Sorry I didn't blog yesterday....but I was a sick puppy! I had the "both ends" as Christin calls it. It struck, out of the blue, during the boys karate class on Monday night. I had to sprint to the restroom. Oh my I felt lousy! I called Lauren from the bathroom stall. Please come get the boys from their class...I asked. I am going to bolt for my car and try to make it home in time (15-20 minutes away from karate). What does she say you ask. I don't think I remember how to get there...she says. I have brought the boys many times....please, just hurry. By now someone has entered the restroom. I am trying to plead quietly. It is a small 2 stall room, right off the main dojo. So I am NOT about to be sick all up in this maama jaama! They would have to stop class because of the sounds and smells eminating from the door. I give Lauren a final plead...pllllleeeaaasseee! I get nothing! I hang up. I run to the front door. I jump in my car. I sped off leaving my children(bad mommy..bad mommy) in class. I call Chris. I tell him my predicament (Lauren, by the way, didn't even tell Chris). He problem...I'm on my way. I speed even faster...huffing and puffing like I'm in labor or something! Kinda funny note...One the way home my radio was playing the William Tell overture. So at least my pain and agony had the proper accompaniment. Anyway....I'd like to tell you I made it home....but that's not true. So, I spent yesterday IN BED. All day! Chris stayed home and got the kids off to school. He brought me hot tea in bed and took the boys out to dinner and over to his moms to quiet the house. He also did their homework with them. This is not an easy feat with Ben (now he knows how much I go through each day). I had started back on phase one (southbeach) Monday this little episode jump started my weight loss. So at least there was an upside to it all!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back Berrying

By Chris

New working Blackberry is in hand. I feel much better. And, bonus, it is smaller and faster! And, it is Blue Tooth ready. Boy, what strange terminology. Think of someone even five years ago hearing: "I got a Blackberry with Blue Tooth, which I just blogged about." Huh? Maybe you should see your docotor.

Anyway. Blue Tooth means I can now get one of those geeky ear pieces with no wires. Most have a blue blinking light, for some reason (blue light = blue tooth?). Teresa has issued a warning that I should not wear the earpiece at all times, as many people do now, at church, in the store, at the game, etc. . . . as a permanent new body part.


by teresa
One of the girls on our soccer team brought me a present to practice on Saturday. She was all smiles waiting for me to look at it. She had drawn a picture of me. I think she did a really good job. I wasn't aware that my head was so large...but other than's nice.

posin' and primpin'

by teresa
I sent Lauren with the camera on her evening out this weekend. I looked at the camera yesterday to see if she had taken anything. Good grief! Why is it, everytime Lauren takes pictures she looks like she's primpin'. Lips all puffed out, trying to look all pouty. There were about 20 crazy shots. Lots of them were apparently taken in the mirror in the restroom of the restaurant. And some inside Lauren's car. Here's some of my favorites.

Lauren's ring dance date

by teresa
Here's a picture of the boy taking Lauren to the ring dance. He goes to our church and his name is Hunter. Sweet kid....funny...they should have a good time. The dance is in 3 weeks (on Lauren's 17th b-day). I can't believe it's almost here, after all the planning (and purchasing).

Sunday, March 19, 2006

One Foot

By Chris

With cousin Kai over, Ben can lead an interesting array of activities. This afternoon they had the tape measure out, measuring everything. TV: "62" "check". And so on. So, I sense a learning opportunity. "What are those numbers." "72 whats?." Kai says: "Pounds!" Nope, they're inches. "Inches!" Kai says. "Right," I reply. "So, how many inches are in a foot." So, Ben holds up his foot for Kai to measure. "No, not that kind of foot. There's 12 inches in a foot" I explain. "Oh . . . here, do mine," Kai suggests, holding his foot up to Ben. "That's not twelve either," Ben says after measuring. "No, I mean, well . . . oh, never mind. Go have fun." I finish.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

it's a dismal day

by teresa
We've had a pretty quiet day. Nick went camping with his Royal Ranger group from church to the Great Dismal Swamp. heard me right. The Dismal Swamp! It's a wildlife refuge here in Va. I think it was even part of the Underground Railroad. Pretty cool! Anyway....they left early this morning and will get back tomorrow night. We had soccer practice with Ben and then came home and cleaned the backyard together and played ball with Ben outside in the pretty weather. I also took our team shirts to get the names put on them. Lauren had to work most of the day and is now off with her friends. They got all dressed up and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. How adult of them. Ben spent several hours over Nanny Jackie's today (she was alone because George is on the campout too). So with no kids for awhile I took a long nap and Chris layed on the couch and watched basketball (of course). Now Ben is home and we also offered for cousin Kai to spend the night with him. He can just sleep in Nicky's bed. They (Ben and Kai) were beyond thrilled with this suggestion. I've just sent them upstairs to get on their pj's. I think I will go put a movie in for the boys in their room and crawl in my bed and watch Gladiator (Joaquin..*sigh*). I'll leave Chris to his March Madness on the big screen downstairs!

Fun Things to Say

By Chris

Some stuff I like to say to break up the day . . .

Credit to Pastor T on most of these.

Hey, I haven't seen you since last time!!

I don't forget anything I remember.

(To people on a conference call): You all are looking good today! (usually, most will get it, and someone will say, sincerely, Thanks, you too! . . . Uhh, I can't see you on the phone, dude). Also good on confence calls: Please press your mute button if you have anything to say.

Raise your hand if your not here.

What time is the 10:30 call? (Bet you can get someone to say "let me check.")

New BBall Life

By Chris

O.K. So you heard I was bumbed out about ODU basketball ending. And, their loss in their conference tournament on day one. Well a series of unexpected events, culminating with a completely unexpected win by Manhatten University at University of Maryland today, means that ODU will play Manhatten in town on Monday night at 9 p.m. in the National Invitation Tournament (not the main tourney, but we'll take it). So, after thinnking me and my boys had taken in our last game, we get one more. My basketball crew was on the phone real quick after the surprising development. Tickets are already in hand.

While we're on basketball, some interesting comments heard during this week of non-stop, round-the-clock basketball games on t.v. Those who uttered the statements will remain anonymous:

Game score: 65 - 65. comment: "This is a close one, huh?" Uh, yeah. I'm surprised you don't do these games on t.v.

Comment: "If they would make more shots, they could win." Yeah. And it will either rain tomorrow, or it won't.

Psych. Central

by teresa
Well last night we all had an interesting evening. A young woman from our church (Christin) is in some Psych. doctoral program at a local University and her group needed a study family. She said they needed to be a normal non- dysfuntional family. And she thought we would be great for it. we have her fooled! :) Someone in her class has used Nick as a test subject in the passed (which he loved by the way). He keeps asking me to call this guy and see if his results showed how smart he is. Anyway they (Shannon and Annie) came over last night to quiz us. Let me just say...they were adorable! Young (early 20's, beautiful, thin, styled straight out of an abercrombie ad) and sweet. Very complimentary of our house and offspring. I liked them from hello. It was about 2 hours of questions ranging from our complete family what goals we have for our family(Nick said his goal was to have a riding lawnmower). Our strengths and weaknesses...and what roles each of us play. They also asked...outside of the family unit, who does each of us spend the most time with? Hmmmm...that was a tough one for me! I have no friends outside of the family unit (besides my blogging buddies...sometimes I feel as though I know ya'll). My best friends (besides my husband) are my sister and mom. We realized that we are kinda like the Kennedy compound over here. Remember my family is right next door...Chris' family is one block over! We all see each other everyday...and go to the same church! We are so tight and involved with each other...that we seldom make time for outsiders. Hmmmm...I think I need to work on that! Ben was bouncing around the entire interview....blurting out comments about dogs and cars and how he likes recess and lunch and taking peoples drink orders. At one point we had all ended up on the couch...piled on top of each other (the boys are always hanging all over Chris) and one of the girls remarked how cute a picture we would make. When of course Ben hopped up and got the camera and asked her to take a picture of us. Good grief! He is sooo not shy! They left smiling and didn't call the paddy wagon to come pick us all I think it went good. Here's the pic.

Something funny I read:
Hello. Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline
If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.
If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.
If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.
If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.
If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.
If you are anxious, just start pressing numbers at random.
If you are phobic, don't press anything.
If you are anal retentive, please hold.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Crackberry Withdrawal

By Chris

It's only been a few hours without it, but I am Jonesin' hard for my Black, uhh, Crackberry. It might sound annoying, but I've gotten kinda of used to looking out for that blinking red light letting me know that a new email has arrived. Click it quick . . . see nothing big is going on . . . make a quick response . . . move on with your life. Now, I have this strange disconnected sensation every half hour or so. It's not that I spent too much time communicating with the thing. I think I just have become hooked on the reassurance it gave me that I wasn't missing anything. No wondering about what unexpected evil lurks in the inbox next time you fire up the computer. Now, I find myself grabbing the laptop every few minutes, just to see what's there. But that doesn't help when you leave the house. No strapping this oversized band-aid for my information habit to my belt tomorrow as I roam around town! Ohhhh I really hope my replacement arrives early Monday morning!!!

go water the flowers

by teresa
I am embarrassed to say that this was taken in my own neighborhood. You have got to be kidding me....a toilet? In your yard? With flowers in it and decorative rocks around it? But why stop there? They need to add an old bathtub out there beside it....filled with flowers. That would look boo-tiful! When I was little, my nanny would get me to use the potty by telling me...go in there and water my flowers. She would stand by the door and listen and say....oohhhh, I can hear you watering those flowers..good girl! If she had this thing in her yard, I could have killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

Kaden Eliza update...7 months old

by teresa
Katy (my lil sis) called from the doctor (Kadens well baby checkup) just know to let me know her weight and height Kaden's not Katy's). She case you want to put it on the blog. So here it is...she now weighs 18 poulds 8 ounces and is 27 inches long. Katy was excited about this because past 25 inches and you can put her in a front facing car seat. She has apparently outgrown her baby carrier car seat. Her little feet were getting all squished up against the seat of the car. She can now crawl on her knees (as of yesterday), and sit up on her own. She still just has the two teeth. She also has become quite happy and content (I guess because of her mobility now). And she will come to us without crying (mommas spoiled little girl). It's soooo wonderful when she puts her little arms out to you! Here's a picture from a couple of days ago with her mommy. She is always sticking out her tongue. Cute!

Cell Phone Abuse

By Chris

In addition to getting my birthday stuff together, Lauren was also doing something typically Lauren last night. She's already on her second cell phone in less than a year after letting hers get in the water at the beach and buying a new one on eBay earlier in the year. She is rough on stuff. So, I walk in the kitchen late last night to find her with her cell phone, one of Teresa's old cell phones and a screwdriver laid out on the counter.

Lauren: Hey, do you know where my old cell phone is? I bet Nick took it. I looked in his room, but can't find it.

Me: I don't know. Why?

Lauren: There's screws missing from my phone (then demonstrates how one end can flip abnormally open)..

Me: Oh. I think it's in mom's stuff. How did that happen.

Lauren. I don't know. I drop it and stuff.

Me: hmm. o.k.

I've had a lot of cell phones, and have dropped them from time to time. But I have never even noticed that the things even have screws. Of course, she is the one who, after soaking her last phone, took it a part and blew her hair dryer on it to try to fix it.

Of course, I guess I can't talk too much, since I am actually without cell phone today myself, after my Blackberry finally died. It showed signs for a while, calling people indepent of me; letters sticking; freezing up; and other annoying stuff. I guess I was pretty rough on it. The last straw was the other day when the ear piece actually shocked me while I was on the phone. New one is set to arrive Monday.

Hop on the Bus Gus

by teresa
This morning Nick told me he had the best dream ever. Mom...he said...I dreamed last night that Nanny Jackie (Chris' mom) owed a big bus. Like the one we took for our fieldtrip. And she drove us around everywhere in it. Then we took it on a long vacation to Tennessee and took turns driving it. I drove it real good, because my legs are as long as yours (he's correct in a mere 5 feet my 10 year old son has already caught up to me in height). It was so fun mommy. I woke up sooo happy. I did real good in my dream, so I think I will drive real good when I get my license. I told him to just keep practicing (in his dreams) and he'll be great by the time he turns 16.

I don't know about your kids...but my sons have a bus OBSESSION! It started at kindergarten with their first bus ride. And has now escalated to "Rain Man" level. Especially with Ben. Everyday when he gets home he rattles off all the bus numbers at his school and the order in which they were parked that day. Here's an example of his speech...Well mommy, first there was bus 45...that's my bus, he is usually first in line..but sometimes bus 160 gets there before him. But not it was bus 45. Then bus 160...she gets there early because she has to hurry up and finish and the pick up kids from Nick's school too. Then it was bus 32...that lady always gives out suckers. Then it was bus was subbing for bus 50 because bus 50 needed to get new tires.....AND THIS GOES ON AND ON AND ON! Good grief!
And don't even get me started about his first chartered bus ride for a field trip. Mooooommm! It was HUUUUUGE! and it had a BATHROOM and everything! COOL!

Maybe I should surprise them and take them on the city bus. I have never been on a city bus before. We could find a bus stop and ride to the mall or something. How do you even pay? Is there tokens...or do you give them cash? I wonder if they take a visa checkcard. Is it like a dollar...or more? Then we could take pictures and put them on the blog. Cool!

Happy Birthday Daddy

By Chris

Got home late last night, returning from Baltimore on my birthday. I came in to find Lauren was the only one up, and she had gotten me two cards and some candy for my birthday (Peanut Butter cups and Pop Rocks . . . only she probably gets why I think Pop Rocks are cool . . . but I was surprised she remembered that). She wrote in one card: "I liked both of the cards, so I just got both." She even had them labeled as to which to open first. It was pretty sweet. I guess you're doing pretty good if you've gotten through to your daughter's junior year in high school and she is thoughtful enough to buy cards and gifts on her own for you and wait up for you on your birthday.

One card was funny. The other really thoughtful.

"On your b-day, wear this button to show your position of authority in the family (with a picture of a proud dog on the front)." Open up to a button that says "I'm the boss." and the words: "But don't forget to give it back to mom tomorrow." Hahaha. She and I joke about mom being in charge all the time.

Outside has textured manly letters: "D - A - D"
Inside: "Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad. With love to a great dad - and a great friend. Happy Birthday"

That's a sweet knucklehead right there!

Top O' the mornin' to ya

by teresa

I hope you all remembered your green.....unless you like to be pinched :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Conversation with Nick

by teresa

Conversation between me and Nick....

Nick: Mom...I think there are four important birthdays in your life.

Mom: Yeah...which ones?

Nick: I think it's 13...because then your a teenager
I think it's 16...because it's your sweet sixteen, and you can drive
I think it's 18...because then your an adult and then you can watch rated R movies
And then it's 100...just because it's a miracle that your still around

Mom: Yep...your right. Except for that rated R movies thing. You shouldn't ever watch them. :)

Nick: I know...I'm not going to, I was just saying you'd be able to!

Nick: old is grandaddy Dyer?

Mom: I think he is going to be 89 this summer

Nick: Wow! He could live to be like...100.....I mean if he doesn't have some freak accident. Like someone shooting him or something!

Mom: What??

Nick: It happens!

I've got to stop letting him watch the evening news!

I'm going solo

by teresa
With Chris out of town this evening...I have to run soccer practice on my own. But how hard can that be? It's only 15 seven year olds! Yikes! Wish me luck.

this clean!

by teresa
My house smells good again. Like sugar cookies baking in the oven(I have vanilla air fresheners in all the rooms). I finally washed the last of the boys bed clothes. Ben's mattress was soooo ruined! It was so bad I just picked it up and tossed it out back. I did the same for Nick's too. The trashman will come tomorrow. Both of their mattresses were old...thin...and tearing apart. So I took this opportunity to chuck them both, and purchase new ones. They had never had brand new mattreses. Always some hand me down ones from a family member or neighbor. I searched online for the best deal in town....drove to the Original Mattress Factory...and brought 2 home. They are sooo soft and comfortable. I put all the clean bedding on and the boys slept like babies. Like babies in the restful sleep sense...not the pooping and peeing in the bed sense.
Their room looked so clean I had to snap a picture.

Happy Birthday Chris!!

by teresa
Today is my honey's 35th birthday. He had to drive to Baltimore for a meeting we will celebrate tomorrow. He was going to fly to the meeting...but just as he was about to purchase the ticket online yesterday our internet went out for an hour. When he finally was able to sign back on...the flight was booked! Bummer! So now he has a 4 hour drive for a 2 hour meeting....then he is driving back tonight. Good grief! In honor of his birthday, I thought I would put up one of my favorite pictures. It's me and Chris dressed in our "Potter" attire for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince book party last July. Everytime I see it I crack up! Don't you just love his wand with the ribbons (sparks) hanging off. And those glasses. And my beautiful broom.

hey...where's my change?

by teresa
Yesterday morning Lauren drove Nick to school. On the way there she stopped off for gas. She pumped $10 worth...gave Nick a $20 and sent him inside to pay. Then she dropped him off and went to school. She then realized she forgot to get her change from Nick. She needed it for lunch money and such. So she drove back to Nick's school...went in the office and asked if he could be sent down for a minute. Lauren said that when he came into the office and saw her standing there he looked scared. She said ...Nick..let me have my money. He then fished through his pockets and brought out a balled up $5 and a $1. Where is the rest of my money...Lauren asked? Ummmmmm.....I might have gone by school bookstore and bought a few pencils (Nick has an obsession with mechanical pencils) after you dropped me off this morning. What?...she says. I think this is sooo funny! Nick didn't even mention it to me when he came home. Now Lauren knows how we feel. She's like a hoover when it comes to our money. She sucks our wallets empty. no no no...not a hoover. She's like a Swiffer! She cleans us out! :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Swiffer madness

by teresa
I don't know if it's because spring is here or if it's that my house now smells like a port-a-potty on some constrution site (remember Ben's explosion). But I have the fever....the spring cleaning fever! I went to the grocery store and restocked all my cleaning supplies. I also, have now gone swiffer crazy! I bought Swiffer duster (now I can reach those ceiling fans without jumping on the bed)...Swiffer wet mop (I wonder what color my kitchen floor really is)...and Swiffer carpet flick (I have a good vacuum...but sometimes it would be nice to just "flick" up the dog hair). I just like saying that...swiffer carpet flick. Cool! I had a swiffer sweeper before and loved it. But then the boys used it as a hockey stick in the backyard and broke it. I'll have to hide all my cool new cleaning toys.

muzzle?? We don't need no stinkin muzzle!

by teresa
Shorty's vet appointment went perfect this morning. I was a little worried that he would be rude with the vet again since Chris was not going. But I was determined to do it on my own. When the vet walked into the room and saw who we were, he said...Oh, your husband is not here. I will go and get the muzzle. I! He will be fine with me! He then looked in the file and showed me the notes he had taken from the last time I brought Shorty on my own. I assured him things would be different. He got the muzzle anyway. He the sign of any attitude I'm going to have to muzzle him. I was like...whatever. He came in and did his entire exam. I even lifted Short's lips to check his teeth (still no attitude). Then he got his shots. He was shaking like crazy the whole time...but no attitude. I had a tight hold around his head and body the whole time. I just kept my face against his telling him how much I love him. Then the vet needed to take blood from his front paw. He said...hold him tight now! I was squeezing the crud out of that dog. The vet said...he is snarling...but no growling. He didn't like the guy all up in his grill. After he was done the vet said....I am really proud of you.....and you too Shorty! What a smartmouth! I guess now we all know who the Alpha dog is around here now!! Ruf Ruf! Anyway...alls good with Shortman. Weight, eyes, ears, teeth, poop, the whole shebang! So we got our new rabies tag and a year supply of his heartworm prevention tablets and headed home (to the poop smelling house). I gave him some canadian bacon as a treat when we got home. Now he is sleeping off all his morning excitement.


by teresa

My Mother
For as long as I can remember
you have been by my side
to give me support
to give me confidence
to give me help
For as long as I can remember
you have always been the person I looked up to
so strong
so sensitive
so pretty
For as long as I can remember
and still today
you are everything a mother should be
For as long as I can remember
you have always provided stability within our family
full of laughter
full of tears
full of love
So much of what I have become
is because of you
and I want you to know
that I appreciate you, thank you
and love you
more than words can express


by teresa
Let me start out by stating that I have the weakest stomach ever! Once the kids got to a certain age....when they threw was Chris who had to take care of it. I would just puke trying to enter the room. With that said, I encountered the foulest, most putrid, rancid, rank, most rotten stench upon opening the boys bedroom door this morning. It sent me running down the hall....pulling my shirt over my head (just my eyes peeking out), dry heaving. When I finally got it together enough to run back in and examine the disaster area....this is what I found. Poor Ben had diarrhea ALL over himself....while sleeping in his bed. And I don't mean that it was just in his pajama bottoms. No! I mean it was like Mt. Vesuvius errupting...right here in Chesapeake! Picture one of those people soaking in a mud bath. That's what he looked like. It was from his his toes. It was from the pillow at his the stuffed dog at his feet. It was on his comforter....down (and soaked) to the mattress. It had even shot off the side of the bed and was on Nick's comforter and running down the side of Nick's bed. I'm telling you...this is world record POOP! I woke him and put him right in the shower. Poor Ben. He tummy hurt. Duuuuh...ya think? ( I didn't really say that to him) I washed him up and layed him in the bed with Chris (thank God Chris is home (as in not out of town) today). I am abviously keeping him home today. I guess he can just come to the vet with Shorty and I. I just hope there are no more erruptions. It's already going to take me until next Wednesday to do all this laundry! Heeeeeellllppppppp!!!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Funny Airport Announcements

By Chris

Having missed my opportunity to catch the early flight, I am killing some time in the always entertaining Atlanta airport. I'm sitting by a gate with a planned flight to Mobile, which has now had this succession of announcements over the last half hour or so:

Ladies and gentlemen, the new estimated time of departure is 7:40. This is only an estimate. Please remain by the gate.

not good. that will get longer, I'm sure.

Ladies and gentlemen, the lavatory is excluded on this flight, please use the restroom before boarding. Once again, the lavatory is having a maintenance problem and is excluded.

Excluded? hmm. no rush. Ya'll ain't leaving no time soon anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an update for you. Our delay is due to your crew not being in the airport yet. We'll keep you posted.

Uh. oh. Lost crew. Maybe they're looking for a plunger?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry but your airplane is experiencing problems and will be hotter than usual. We apologize for the incovenience.

Hot? I've never heard that one before. Not a good combination with a broken bathroom

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an update on your crew. Seems they are delayed by a ground stop in Toronto. We are showing a new estimated departure time of 7:50.

Hmmm. You can't go from Atlanta to Mobile because it's foggy in Canada. Hahaha. Oh. And there is no way they make it from Toronto, if that is where they are, by 7:40. That's gotta be wrong?

Ladies and gentlemen, to clarify my earlier announcement, your airplane will only be hot while you are on the ground. Once you take off the air should kick in.

Important clarification. It'd be pretty tough to be hot at 30,000 feet. Broken toilet, missing crew, messed up air system. Not good.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a gate change announcement . . . .

Poor people, they're never getting outta here. But maybe they changed gates because they got a new plane and crew????

Uh oh. Now my flight has changed departure time on the board to 8:50 from 8:25.

Where'd My Teeth Go!?

By Chris

Proving that Teresa and I have some type of magnetism attracting strange characters is our trip to the mall parking lot carnival the other night. You saw the pics below. Well, as we smiled and laughed at the boys on one of the quick, go-around-in-circles rides, a carnival worker from the basketball game nearby came over and laughed with us. He says: "That ride really gets going fast. You have to be careful. One time I was riding it with my mouth open like your son there and my teeth flew out!" hahahahahahaha. Yuck. Hahahaha.

MARTA Improvement?

By Chris

In Atlanta today, which means riding the MARTA trains. About a month ago, I saw signs that things were changing in the train system. Something about converting from tokens to fare cards. As of today, the transition is a mess. Went to one of the new fair card machines, and was told to go stand in line at their Ride Store. O.k. At the ride store, they sold me . . . . TOKENS.

Ride store conversation:
Me: Huh? I thought the point of seeing you was to buy these new cards.

Marta Lady: Nope. I can sell you tokens.

Me. O.k. Give me ten. I can use these to get on the train?

ML: No. You have to take the tokens I sell you, put them in the machines over there, which will give you fare cards, that will get you on the train.

Me. Uhh. O.k. (was the Dramamine really strong this morning, or did this interaction really not make sense???)

Ten tokens in hand, I take ten steps to the "self service" machine, all of which have a live Marta employee standing nearby. That's right. More Marta helpers at the self service machines then at the live person ticket window. I put a token in, and the machine gives me a card, good for one entry. I get ready to exchange all of my tokens for the new cards, when helpful marta staff dude asks:

"What stations will you be using those at?"

Me: "Sometimes Lenox, sometimes the airport. maybe even others."

Marta Dude: "Well Lenox only takes the tokens, but this station only takes the cards, so you need to keep some of each. You can always trade a token for a card at one of these machines, but you can't trade a card for a token when you need one."

Me: "Thanks, I think?"

What a dilemna. Card? Token? It's only 7 a.m. and I've been up since three something. This is way to complicated for public transportation. I decide to just buy one card, and keep the rest of my tokens. Seems the low tech tokens are more flexible than the new fangled cards. Turns out the card is pretty amazing. It's as thin as a business card and made of paper. Yet, as you approach the entry gate the maching somehow detects the activated card and swings the gate open. No swiping. No bar code reading. You just have to get it near the gate somewhere, and bingo. Amazing. Somewhere in that paper throw-away card is a radio transmitter, apparently. It's so amazing in fact that a log jam formed at the gates as people stopped and looked all over for a place to insert the card. Another Marta dude came to the rescue, yelling "just hold it near gate." So, the new automated system was taking more people to run it then the old token system. I'm sure this is not what they had in mind.

On the train, it was the same ol' smelly Marta driven by brake happy operators determined to make me motion sick, making announcements that go something like: "Next station, homma momma jamma did one left." The poor unexperienced riders just wrinkle their noses up, looking confused, hoping someone will translate for them which station is approaching. Every once in a while, the automated signs are right, but not often. One poor lady today was really confused. Everytime one of the mumbo-jumbo annoncements said something, she got confused, asking me "Is this the Doraville train." "Yes", I would say, each time. Poor thing, did she think the train changed somehow in between every stop without her knowing it? On the return ride, I drew a seat partner interested in knowing if I ever eat at some place called Steak and Shake. Surprisingly, she informed "they have real good steak in there." "What else is good," I ask. "Their shakes are real good too," she answers. "Go figure. Steak and Shake's have good steaks and shakes. Well I think we should start calling this train Smelly and Slow," I replied. She chuckled.

On the return trip, sure enough, my station only took tokens . . . but, ironically none of the slots were working, so I had to hop the gate anyway.

hurry, hurry, hurry

by teresa
This morning has been a frenzy! The kids and I were lounging around (Ben decided he wanted to sleep in and be taken to school). When Lauren said...all matter of fact......hey Nick, isn't your fieldtrip today. Don't you have to be there at 7:00am (it was already 7:15)? He came running upstairs screaming. fieldtrip! Oh Pooh! I had forgotten! So we all went into hyper speed. He brushed his destinkafied (deodorant). I picked out his clothes and dressed him (seriously...I dressed him like a toddler. Put your foot in Nick...pull up your underwear...stick your head in the hole...etc.) Lauren made his lunch (they had to take a bag lunch). She was yelling to us upstairs...Nick, do you like mustard? Do you want a purple or blue drink? We don't have any brown bags I'll just stick it in a grocery bag (poor kid). Lauren and him jumped in the car and sped off. She was already dressed, so she took him (except for she had no shoes or socks on...she looked totally redneck getting into the car like that :). She said that when they got there other people still arriving...and that the rental buses were all still there. Thank you Jesus! His class is going to Petersburg for some war museum or something. Anyway...if we had missed this he would have punished me by having a lousy attitude for a week!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Easter is just around the corner

by teresa
I can't believe it is almost Easter again. The years keep speeding by faster and faster as I get older. I'm starting to plan Ben's class party. Treats, games (an egg hunt), and baskets filled with goodies. I think I'll make these cupcakes again. They were a big hit last year.

Pretty cool huh (if I do say so myself)? The chicks are my favorite!

Princess Kristian

by teresa
Our beautiful niece Kristian Elise. We love you so much!

Doesn't she have a mischievous look in this photo?

Kristian and Ben

by teresa
Here's a picture of Kristian (my niece) and Ben after soccer practice yesterday. Chris really worked the team hard. Laps around the field and then we split the team up and scrimmaged. Ben scored a few goals. I think we are going to be good. It always makes it more fun when you KICK A LITTLE BOOTY! The season starts on the 25th. So mark it on your calendars grandparents.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

ring dance countdown

by teresa
Lauren's ring dance is less than a month away(April 7th). It actually falls on her 17th birthday (cool). I payed for the ring yesterday. It's been so long since we picked it out and ordered it (Sept) that I can't even remember what it looks like. I can't wait to see it after the dance. We took her dress to our alteration lady (Valeries...Military Hwy) today. It need to be taken in around the bust area. Then we headed to the mall to have her ears pierced. She wants to wear a nice necklace earring set for the dance. She had her ears pierced as a kid...but let them grow in a few years back. Then we went ot the tanning place (she was too chicken to go by herself) and got a month unlimited. So she will be all golden brown (remember her dress has an open back). Once we get the dress back we need to find a low back, strapless, longline bra. I've looked at a few...but we need to try them on with the dress. I got her shoes and jewelry off ebay and she saw a purse on ebay she like too. I may order it tomorrow. You can get the best deals! She still hasn't made up her mind as to how to fix her hair. She also wants to have her nails and makeup done that day too. Good grief! Just in case you forgot....this is the dress she choose.

mowing it up

by teresa
Nick got a big surprise today. When he was at church today for a first aid class...Chris went to Lowes and bought him a new lawnmower. I say his mower because he is the only one that uses it. He loves to cut the grass. Ours...moms...and all the neighbors. He actually makes pretty good money during the spring and summer months. Well, his old mower was a gift from the neighbors across the street (they were selling it in a yard sale a few years ago...and then decided to just give it Nick. In exchange for a few grass cuttings). It was on it's last leg at the end of the summer. So when one of our neighbors (Miss Cynthia) came over yesterday and asked Nick if he could please trim her lawn today....we knew it would be a good idea to purchase a new one. He was soooo happy when he saw it. He immediatley changed out his safety goggles...and headed across the street. I snapped this shot of him as he was taking a break.